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Erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy.

Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy

If you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Shockwave Therapy is the best treatment you can have. Not only is it non-invasive, neither will you need to take medications such as ‘little blue pills’ to enjoy a satisfactory rigid erection that will allow you to have spontaneous penetrative intercourse without waiting for the pills to work.

At MansMatters we have offered erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy for many years to hundreds of men who have suffered from ED and restored the confidence, much to their personal satisfaction as well as to the enjoyment of their partners.

The benefit of treating all these men is that we have been able to enhance our treatment based on the numerous different problems we have faced and dealt with, caused by many issues such as lifestyle, age, and medical problems. Holding a handheld shockwave device against the penis for 20-minutes, twice a week for a month is not the simple answer to ED problems, so we recommend that it is best to avoid businesses that just offer ‘shockwave’.

Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy is one of the few therapy options now available that improves natural, spontaneous, erections.

It is a non-invasive therapy undertaken in a private treatment room along with our other treatment protocols all of which are non-invasive too.

No medication is required prior to or during treatment – the vast majority of patients find that the entire treatment process is pain-free.

Considerable benefits are often seen after just two or three sessions; however, the full benefit will not be realised until all the sessions are completed, and further improvements may be seen in the weeks following the end of the treatment as your body acclimatises to the adjustments created during the treatment.

To have an erection the body must create sufficient blood flow into the penis and if there are problems with tissue in the penis the flow of blood will be insufficient. That’s why shockwave equipment has been used successfully to restore blood flow as the angiogenic properties it generates has the capability to create new capillaries from existing blood vessels.

As well as this the shockwave treatment generates an anti-inflammatory reaction, and the body responds by increasing blood circulation and metabolism which in turn accelerates the body’s own healing processes while simultaneously regenerating tissue, increasing neurogenesis and clearing micro plaque from the penis. As a result, stronger, long lasting erections are achieved.

Furthermore, men with ED often do so because the smooth muscle in their penile arteries have been damaged. This inhibits the functioning of the veno-occlusive mechanism that the erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy repairs.

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Beyond Shockwave Therapy – Additional Treatment & Guidance

As mentioned earlier, over the years we have been able to enhance our treatment based on their numerous different problems we have faced and had to deal with, caused by many issues such as lifestyle, age, and medical problems. We have therefore researched and developed a unique combination of therapy’s that augment and enhance shockwave therapy for ED.

Our EMTT therapy enables us to take a step beyond shockwave therapy by targeting the endothelial cells which aid inter cellular activity. The TESLA Chair helps restore the pelvic floor working on a more macro level while our use of the NanoVi goes one steps further and repairs DNA in cells and also actives proteins. You can read all about these by following the links provided.

Shock Wave Therapy FAQs

We use focussed Shockwave Therapy using the best medical equipment available on the market – the Storz Medical DUOLITH SD1. It works by passing shockwaves which are intense energy waves that travel faster than the speed of sound into your body. The hand-held device delivering the shock waves is placed on your skin, so the waves are generated outside the body to inside the body. This is why it is called Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (EWST).

Originally used to treat people with kidney stones in the 1970’s scientists found that shock waves could break up the stones without the need for invasive surgery. Researchers found that patients treated in this way recovered from other non-related medical problems especially those with chronic conditions in the musculoskeletal system.

As a result, new shockwave equipment was developed that could be used to treat all manner of tissue injury on different parts of the body.

Today Shockwave therapy is used safely to treat many types of soft tissue injuries in humans and animals, by physiotherapists, veterinarians, and specialist clinicians.

We have found that erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy will help virtually all patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in a variety of ways and allow them to enjoy spontaneous and natural erections once more. However, over the years we have found ways of further improving the overall treatment as outlined earlier to ensure a long-lasting outcome. So, unlike many practitioners we do not rely on shockwave therapy alone.

During your initial consultation we will establish the problems you are experiencing and provide a diagnostic evaluation before continuing. This will enable us to establish the optimum frequency, combination of treatments, and length of treatment to proceed  with.

Good blood flow is critical for a man to enjoy an erection. If you have tried ‘little blue pills’ in the past to enable an erection, shockwave should almost certainly work for you and allow spontaneous erections without having to wait for pills to take effect. What’s more, there will be no side effects from medication and as many men have discovered the magic effect of pills can wain over time, while many men are not allowed medication due to underlying health problems such as high blood pressure.

The shockwaves pulses help promote angio-genesis – triggering the development of new blood vessels in the penis. This allows increased blood flow into the penis allowing stronger erections to be achieved

The shockwaves also heal smooth muscles in the penis – the penile arteries through which blood flows.

As explained earlier, your clinician will discuss your problems during the initial consultation and advise on the combination of treatments. During the erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy sessions the handheld shockwave device will held against your penis while the shockwaves work on the penile tissue.

Most patients experience very little discomfort or pain during the session, you will be asked if you are comfortable and if you are experiencing any pain – which is very unlikely – and if it is your clinician will adjust the shockwave intensity.

Erectile dysfunction is often the result of the lifestyle of patients and can be a symptom of underlying health issues. If these issues are not addressed the improvement in achieving satisfactory erections might diminish over time. During your initial consultation and before erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy commences, we will discuss any overall health issues and suggest changes that will be beneficial to you along with diet recommendations.

You can read further FAQ’s about erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy by following this link.

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