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In order to have a satisfactory erection a man requires a huge inflow of blood into the penis. If you are suffering from a poor endothelial function this will result in the inability of the smooth muscle cells lining the penile area to relax and allow sufficient blood flow.

Until relatively recently, the endothelium was thought to be a relatively inert cell layer, but research has revealed an astonishing array of endothelial functions, including those linked to Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and vascular disease.

When you understand this, you realise that to overcome ED there are a few important steps to take to be able to enjoy spontaneous penetrative intercourse once more without having to resort to taking ‘little blue pills’ that will work well initially but fade in affect over time.

This is why, not only have we introduced the NanoVi® into our comprehensive erectile dysfunction medical protocol, but the most powerful model available, the NanoVi Exo®.

Introducing the NanoVi®

NanoVi® helps repair cell damage and DNA within those cells, caused by age, lifestyle and what you eat as well as what you are exposed to.

It does this by strengthening your immune system, while simultaneously increasing your vitality, and slowing the aging process, not only non-invasively, but without using harmful chemicals. While doing this it also helps repair endothelial functions in the penis and prostate area.

Furthermore, there is growing recognition of the association of Chronic Prostatitis (CP) & Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) accompanying ED. Figures show that 15% of men may experience prostatitis and suffer some symptoms during their lifetime and prostatitis is the most common urinary system disease in men under 50-years of age.

NanoVi® & A Combination of Treatments

While there are a number of other businesses providing Shockwave Therapy for ED, at our specialist clinic we have undertaken in-depth research with our clients enabling our clinicians to undertake a combination of specialist treatments that allow them to provide a superior, long-lasting outcome for our ED clients.

Shockwave creates many more and better blood vessels, electromagnetic transduction therapy makes each of these blood vessels more dynamic and increases intercellular communication and the NanoVi® works on the proteins within each of these cells, thereby promoting the overall health of the penis.

NanoVi® Technology

Our NanoVi® equipment produces the same biological signal your body uses to repair cell damage brought on by free radicals.

Free radicals, also known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), are volatile and highly reactive molecules. They appear naturally in your body from cell metabolism and oxygen usage and are produced by exposure to toxins, stress, and everyday life occurrences. In order to maintain health, the body needs to neutralize their negative impact adequately.

But there are two types of ROS – one is bad as outlined above and the other is good. These good ones initiate cell repair and the NanoVi®  produces exactly the same initiation as the “good ROS”, supplementing the ones your body makes naturally.

How Does NanoVi® Work?

We use the most powerful NanoVi Exo® at our clinic. This enables us to create a specific electromagnetic wave that has precisely the same wavelength as the ‘good’ ROS produced in our cells. The result is transferred to absorbed humidity and the effect is delivered to you across humidified air.

You inhale this moist humidified air from the NanoVi® through a nasal cannula and the repair process outlined above takes place.

To help our clients overcome ED, we usually ask them to undertake sessions at the same time as their shockwave or EMTT sessions.

NanoVi breathing in vapour.

NanoVi® & Athletes

All types of performance athletes use NanoVi® to accelerate their recovery after injury allowing them to return to the competitive environment more quickly. Many of them maintain their NanoVi® usage after they have recovered so that their level of good ROS is sustained, boosting their vitality, and giving them an edge over their competitors. If the NanoVi® is good for athletes, we believe it will be equally good for you.

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