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ED why is there a stigma.

ED Why The Stigma?

One of the biggest problems of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Peyronie’s Disease (PD) is the perceived stigma attached to men suffering with either or both of them. In fact, in some cultures within society, ED is considered with the same sense of fear and shame as AIDS. The world has got much better in how it treats AIDs sufferers, but with ED & PD because neither are life threatening, many men chose to hide their condition, rather than do something about it.

So why is there such a stigma about ED and why don’t men openly discuss their erection problems with their friends and family?

Eventually we all age and the vast majority of us will suffer some medical problems, but even men in their eighties won’t admit to having problems with their erections or other men’s health problems.

To most men, having an erection is a sign of their masculinity. Sexual prowess and masculinity go hand in glove, and this isn’t just in the United Kingdom, it is common wherever you go in the world.

From an early age, boys are generally conditioned to be tough, not to cry when they hurt themselves and to pull themselves together. As they get a little older and reach puberty, the jokes, the taunts, in the school changing rooms all become an integral part of growing up. 

Then as teenager’s they become interested in sex. The precocious one’s brag about their conquests (real or imagined) and boast about the size of their penis and inflate their sexual prowess.

Young men, then start feeling peer pressure and being sexually active, becomes just as important to them as being successful on the sport field or achieving academically. It is an intricate part of their psyche.

For many young men, being ‘outed’ as having erection problems or suffering Peyronie’s disease, where they have a bent penis, would be mortifying. They aspire to being an Alpha male.

Men don’t help each other. Men are very competitive and if any young man were to mention his ED or PD problems to his friends, let alone his enemies, he would likely endure jokes and ridicule. Older men are equally as bad and can be both competitive and insensitive when it comes to this condition, consequently it becomes a hidden subject. In the past this subject has been such a taboo, that men won’t even confide with their lifelong male friends.

The pressure on men has never been greater. Reality shows like ‘Love Island’ glorify, fit, handsome males, full of testosterone. Plus, in some parts of society there is an emphasis on sex first and relationship second. Add to this female comedian’s thinking it funny to mock men’s inability to have sex and the impact increases exponentially.

In more macho societies the stigma is even worse. In some societies, men don’t want anyone to know about their condition and they will even seek treatment in a different country or continent.  At Mansmatters we regularly have men say, “If you can’t sleep with your wife, have sex with your wife, you are not a real man.”

So, if you are teenager, young or mature man and want to escape this stigma, what do you do?

The good news is the barriers are starting to come down: It is now recognised that ED and PD are common conditions for many men. 

At Mansmatters we now treat men with the gold standard treatment: Extra Corporeal Focused Shockwave Therapy – a totally non-invasive treatment that avoids the surgeon’s knife.

In order for a man to have an erection, he will need up to 20 times more blood to run into the penis than normal to make it hard. The penis is full of blood vessels that are a little bit like a mass of tree roots.  Focussed shockwave therapy not only exponentially increases the amount of blood vessels in the penis, simultaneously it also clears all blockages, meaning many men can have longer, harder, and fuller erections once again. 

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