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Erectile dysfunction through the ages.

Erectile Dysfunction Through the Ages

Let’s take a look back in history to 2500BC to see how erectile dysfunctions was viewed all those centuries ago.

Ancient Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

In China, ancient philosophers believed that Erectile dysfunction was caused by an imbalance of Ying and Yang, (which are contrary forces that interconnect). An ancient Chinese Book written in 2500BC, lists 22 ingredients that helped the Chinese Yellow Emperor’s (Huang-Ti) restore this balance and subsequently bed over 1200 women.

900-years later In Ancient Egypt, Erectile dysfunction was thought to be caused by evil spells. For them, grinding up baby crocodile hearts and rubbing them on the penis with Lotus flowers was their magic remedy.

Later the ancient Hindus believed that erectile dysfunction was of mental origin caused by intercourse with a distasteful woman. They had many remedies including the eating of sesame mixed with special pulses. Or rice and sugar cane, mixed with hog’s lard cooked in butter and finally the eating of the goat testicles. (1)

In Greece around 300BC, the Greek Philosopher Aristotle extracted aphrodisiac from the dried bodies of beetles or what is known today as Spanish fly. This was used for centuries but today is considered to toxic for humans. On a more sinister note, some Greek women were condemned to death and blamed for their husband’s lack of erections.

In Roman society, noble men were encouraged to have sex with both sexes, and this was intrinsically linked with religion. Sex was promoted as a sign of prosperity and individuals would turn to private religions or magic to improve their sexuality.

In the 10th century Vikings raped and pillaged their way across Europe. Being well hung was key to social hierarchy and being considered a real man in Icelandic society. Men that had erectile dysfunction or small penises were ridiculed. We don’t have any information of any treatments but needless to say Vikings with ED or a small penis, rapidly dropped down the social hierarchy.

In the dark ages around 1300, it was believed that demons were the cause of erectile dysfunction. The Malleus Maleficarum (the hammer of witches), a major textbook for Witch hunters, was published in 1486. The book documents how witches were able to make men impotent. Men with ED problems were urged to track down women who had bewitched their penises and if necessary, use violence in order to make them restore their erections.

Towards the end of the 16th Century Italian doctor discovered that you could treat erectile dysfunction by blocking veins that drained blood from the penis. Although the Italian doctor was onto something it would be many years before penile pumps were a recognised form of ED treatment.

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Erectile Dysfunction Through the Ages – That Was Then, This is Now.

At Mansmatters, we work in the 21st Century. We don’t blame Erectile Dysfunction on distasteful women, accuse them of bewitching our penises, take aphrodisiacs from beetles or recommend our clients eat goat testicles.

Instead, we use the most advanced shockwave therapy in the world.

Shockwave therapy uses sound waves to develop new and better blood vessels meaning that many men can enjoy hard and spontaneous erections again. It may have taken 4500-years to get here, but there is now a truly, non-invasive, successful long-term treatment for ED, allowing many men to rediscover the joy of sexual intercourse again…and again!

Extracorporeal MagnetoTransduction Therapy (EMTT) is another modern non-invasive treatment option that we use. Initially this technology was developed to treat musculoskeletal pain. But we have found that this therapy in treating ED is a very successful when used it alongside our focused shockwave therapy.

Our NanoVi technology is also a modern treatment protocol which aids in the recovery process of the damaged cells and their DNA by strengthening the immune system and increasing the vitality of the patients without using any sort of harmful chemicals and invasive methods. Interestingly, all of our treatment options are compatible with one another and work with even greater efficacy when used in a combination.

To find out more call us today or please take a moment to complete the contact form below and we will get back to you quickly. You can read our Erectile Dysfunction Through the Ages FAQ’s after the form.

Erectile Dysfunction Through the Ages FAQ's

ED is a very common male sexual disorder, but it’s not a new issue. Researchers have found that men worried about ED more than one thousand years ago.

Although men have suffered from ED for hundreds of years the prevalence of this issue has increased significantly. Partly because we now have more data on ED patients, which is why we can better understand the current prevalence of ED around the world.

Men of any age can suffer from ED. Usually older men are more vulnerable, though young men and even teenagers are not immune to the problem.

ED has several known causes. Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, High cholesterol are some of the more prominent causes of ED. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol abuse and drug abuse can also lead to ED. Psychological issues such as anxiety, depression or body image issues can induce ED as well.

If ED is persistent then usually it doesn’t go away by itself. Medical treatments are usually required in order to treat this issue fully. Thankfully, nowadays there are a wide range of treatments available to combat the problem.

Treatment for ED has developed substantially in recent years. In ancient times the treatment of ED was done by various baseless superficial stuffs or by absurd methods like suggesting patients eat goat testicles! Thanks to technological advancements, many men can now have their ED treated without surgery or using ancient remedies.

Oral medications like “Little Blue Pills” can work in the short term but in the long term, they are not a viable option. Taking these types of medicines over a long period of time, reduces their efficacy and can even totally stop working. That’s why