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The Tesla Chair

We are pleased to offer the TESLA Chair as an additional method of treating ED. We are one of the few clinics in the world to offer this treatment as part of an overall care program and only did so after extensive research into the efficacy of the equipment. We are already delighted with the results, as are the numerous clients that have already experienced the treatment and the positive outcomes.

Functional Magnetic Stimulation

The TESLA Chair is a revolutionary new item of medical equipment that uses Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS).

The TESLA Chair is named after Nikola Tesla a Serbian-American inventor and electrical engineer best known for his contributions to the design of the Alternating Current electricity supply system. The magnetic B-field strength  in the International System of Units is named after him.

The TESLA Chair has been widely praised in the medical community as being in the forefront of pain treatment, urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction and has helped thousands of people in an innovative way that is impossible to achieve by other methods.

Tesla chair.

What Does The TESLA Chair Do?

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The Functional Magnetic Stimulation provided by the TESLA Chair provides electro-magnetic energy that stimulates the targeted deep muscle structures, triggering the motor nerve system of the body and stimulating the muscles to contract and therefore become bigger, stronger, and tighter.

What’s more, this unique equipment amazingly achieves this without coming into direct contact with the skin. You simply sit in the TESLA Chair fully clothed while it delivers the powerful electromagnetic waves into your pelvic area.

The Tesla Chair delivers a Magnetic field strength of up to 1.7 TESLA and is painless and comfortable.

This power would only be matched by doing a lifetime of repeated pelvic floor exercises on your own and after about six sessions the results become apparent, allowing confidence to grow and helping to erase erectile dysfunction enabling you to enjoy stronger erections and a better sex life. As the TESLA Chair works on the pelvic muscles it works wonders on ladies suffering from female incontinence. This treatment is available through our sister company Pelvic Zen.

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