Client Reviews & Testimonials

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Client Reviews & Testimonials

Client Reviews & Testimonials

These are a selection of the most recent reviews from our clients. The original hand-written texts can be read at our clinic when you visit us. If you are a recent client and are happy to share your story with new patients, please take a moment to write to us with your review.

ED Testimonial

“Mr. Almashan and the Shockwave Clinic have changed my life for the better. I am only 21 and have been suffering with erectile dysfunction for nearly 3 years spending nearly £100 a month on little blue tablets as a quick fix. From my first session Mr. Almashan was able to identify the problem and target the correct areas resulting in longer and harder erections with no need to take tablets. I really can’t thank Mr. Almashan  enough!

On top of all this the customer service from the team behind has been amazing along with Mr. Almashan’s calm and friendly manner has made each session a relaxing experience. If you’re thinking of getting this treatment, I fully recommend and guarantee you there is no better place to go.”


CPPS Testimonial

“The shockwave therapy has significantly improved my condition over 90% – for the first time in two years I have had days that feel pre-infection. It has helped me sleep through the night and where I did have a single flare-up it recovered quickly and without the use of medication.”

D.L. Essex

ED & Prostate Cancer Testimonial

“After having prostate cancer & having prostatectomy in May 2019 I found that I was still having ED problems. With little or no help from the NHS I decided to try MansMatters. I was made to feel very welcome from week 1.

I have found the treatment to be very beneficial with probably a 50-60% improvement in my ED but also my mental well-being has improved.”


Peyronie’s Disease Testimonial

“To all chaps with Peyronie’s and erection issues – when I was 55 I noticed a small hard lump on my penis shaft the size of a pea. This slowly grew to about 30mm. I lived with this in secret which was a mistake in the long run. I read about Peyronie’s and realised it effects about 10% of men. About a year ago I contacted MansMatters – best decision I ever made. I was a little embarrassed to start with but after 1st appointment I was OK.

I’m 58 now and after a course of treatment lump is smaller and still getting smaller, my curve is less and my erections are improving and YES, happy wife and happy life. Please chaps don’t leave it like I did – make the call.”


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