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Erectile dysfunction and stress.

Erectile Dysfunction and Stress

Having a healthy blood flow that that can surge into your penis and cause it to expand, lengthen and be erect is one thing. But there is also a strong mental and emotional side to enjoying spontaneous erections.

In order to have an erection, electrical impulses from your brain are sent via the central nervous system to your penis telling it that it’s time for sex intercourse. Sexual arousal can be stimulated by sight or the thought of an appealing sexual partner or by physical genital stimulation.

But stress can have a dramatic effect on your libido, causing performance anxiety and the onset of erectile dysfunction. Stress may be unexpected and a one-off event (hopefully not more) or caused by an underlying long-term condition.

Life has a habit of throwing up problems ranging from the catastrophic to the mundane. Financial pressures, divorce, business worries, emails being received 18-hours a day, aging parents and troublesome teenagers leave many men running around a constant hamster wheel, with little time to switch off and relax.

Stress, aging and the fact that many men in their 40’s and 50’don’t have the unlimited energy of their youth, can all play a part in damaging health. And the longer stress continues, the more health will be affected with problems with digestion, poor sleeping, a weakened immune system plus the creeping onset of Erectile Dysfunction.

It’s known that psychological factors are responsible for about 10%-20% of all cases of ED and affect your self-confidence and contribute to relationship problems.

Erectile Dysfunction and Stress & How to Overcome It

If you are suffering from stress and are now experiencing erectile dysfunction, you should seriously consider seeking professional advice through a sexual and relationship therapist, a psychosexual therapist, hypnotist – alone or through an ED Clinic.

If your erectile dysfunction is caused by stress, then these professionals will be able to help steer a path for you and your partner to manage stress and rediscover sexual intimacy.

For men who suffer both stress and an impaired vascular system, then focused shockwave therapy is an excellent therapy to repair and rejuvenate the penile blood vessels and nerve tissues.

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