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Dupuytren’s Disease & Erectile Dysfunction.

Dupuytren’s Disease & Erectile Dysfunction   

Dupuytren’s Disease, also known as Dupuytren’s Contracture is a condition where one or a number of fingers becomes permanently bent in a flexed position. It can affect one finger on one hand or all fingers and both hands with some fingers bent right around to the palm and others flexed at different angles.

Whilst the link to men’s health isn’t obvious, there is in fact a direct correlation between Dupuytren’s Disease, Peyronie’s Disease (PD) and Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Dupuytren’s disease can be genetically passed on. So, if you suffer from PD and you remember elder relatives in your family having bent and deformed fingers, this is an indication that your condition might be genetic.

Dupuytren’s Disease develops over a period of time, with small nodules that   are visible under the skin of the palms. It can also cause pain, which increases over time. The fingers cannot be naturally straightened and simple tasks like picking up a cup of coffee become very difficult and in some cases impossible.

As is the case with PD, Dupuytren’s Disease is a connective tissue disorder, leading to the development of non-cancerous fibrous plaque. In cases of PD, the deformity is manifested in bent or deformed erections, but with Dupuytren’s Contracture the deformity is solely in the hand.

A correlation between Dupuytren’s and PD was identified as long ago as the early 1800’s and today it is estimated that more than 15% of people with Dupuytren’s also have Peyronie’s Disease.

In the first stages of Dupuytren’s Disease, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, and extracorporeal magneto transduction therapy can be an effective treatment for many men.

Where Dupuytren’s Disease is at an advanced stage, we refer to Professor Carlson in Germany who undertakes combined surgical and shockwave therapy.

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