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We provide treatment for Men's sexual health at our discreet private clinic in Richmond-upon-Thames in Surrey on the edge of Ham Common and in Knightsbridge, central London. Free parking is available outside the clinic in Richmond or nearby if you visit us there.

Our core team of experts have been drawn together to provide the latest non-invasive techniques in treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Peyronie's Disease (PD) problems using the latest available treatment and, when required, help to overcome embarrassment, stress and other penile related issues.





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Privacy, discretion and confidentiality are the cornerstone of our service when providing these new therapies for ED and PD,
from the way we communicate with you through to a successful outcome. 





 profile picture of Mr Almashan, Lead Medical Consultant & Joint Managing Partner

Mr Almashan

Lead Medical Consultant & Joint Managing Partner

Mr. Almashan is the UK's foremost authority in advanced, non-surgical treatments, including regenerative medicine, for men experiencing erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease. With a distinguished background as a graduate of St. George's Medical School, he has pioneered groundbreaking medical protocols.

These innovations have facilitated the restoration of sexual function and intimacy for 1000's of sufferers worldwide.

a profile picture of Charles Turner, Practice Director & Joint Managing Partner

Charles Turner

Practice Director & Joint Managing Partner

Charles Turner is a seasoned Management consultant with associations with a range of international medical companies including GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol Myers Squibb.

He is responsible for the operational, strategic and clinical excellence of MANSMATTERS as well as the Peyronie's Disease & erectile dysfunction research and development programmes.


a photo of Anthony Harding, Medical Consultant at MansMatters

Dr Anthony Harding

Medical Consultant

Dr Anthony Harding has a passion for helping patients who are physically struggling with stresses in life and has a natural ability to build rapport and trust with patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie's Disease, many who may have felt that the medical profession has not really understood the pain and suffering of their condition.

An expert in the musculoskeletal and nervous system he is able to bring a valuable perspective to pain therapy, utilising both our latest technology with hands on experience.

Dr Adeel Khan

Medical Consultant

Dr Khan is a leading expert in regenerative medicine using stem cells (in the Dubai clinic) and plasma technology to repair and regenerate damaged tissue in both musculoskeletal conditions and men's health, including chronic erectile dysfunction, without the need for surgery.

He is internationally renowned in the clinical application of regenerative medicine and a leading figure in stem cell clinical trials over a broad range of applications. Dr Khan is passionate about the next generation of medical innovation including the area of bio-printing to regrow human organs.


a profile picture of Stefan Anastasescu, Urology Specialist at MansMatters

Stefan Anastasescu

Urology Specialist

Stefan studied chemistry in Bucharest and initially worked there assisting surgeons with their patients with urological problems. Moving to England in 2003, he worked at Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, providing pre and post−operative care for patients undergoing urological and renal procedures.

More recently he has run clinics at Kingston Hospital reviewing post-operative patients who have undergone trans urethral resection of bladder tumour operations and kidney surgery and following these up with relevant procedures or radiological imaging.

profile photo of Joshua Hearne-Wilkins, Urology Specialist at MansMatters

Joshua Hearne-Wilkins 

Urology Specialist

Joshua studied for his professional qualifications at the University of Coventry and for the last ten-years has worked in the fields of oncology, medicine, surgery and urology.

He specialises in Prostate Cancer and consults with patients referred by GPs at the diagnostic stage through to post-surgery care, treating surgical side effects including erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

He has extensive experience in dealing with the needs of urology patients and stays up to date with the latest clinical trends developing his expertise as a clinical practitioner.


a profile photo of Dr Daniele Tomassi, Medical Consultant at MansMatters

Dr Daniele Tomassi

Medical Consultant

Dr. Tomassi first got interested in shockwave therapy when studying for his master's degree and following successful internships. He became skilled at using it to help patients with difficult conditions like plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and calcific tendonitis. 

This experience led him to focus his career on it, not just for musculoskeletal issues but also for men's health.  Dr. Tomassi is passionate about using innovative treatments to improve patient well-being. 

a photo of Francesco Pansino, Senior Medical Advisor at MansMatters

Francesco Pansino 

Senior Medical Advisor

Francesco graduated from the University of Pharmacy in Florence with a Masters in Science and has a broad experience working in a clinical setting spanning, New York, Europe and the UK.

He is our new patients first point of contact and has an extensive, specialist knowledge in men's health and orthopaedic treatments.

He is passionate about what he does, speaking a language that patients understand and acts as a bridge between patients and the doctors.


a profile photo of Steph Allister, Clinic Manager, Richmond-upon-Thames at MansMatters

Steph Allister

Clinic Manager, Richmond-upon-Thames

Steph Allister has an extensive background in the publishing and the content marketing sector having managed large sales teams and latterly been responsible for account managing several high yielding projects.

Steph was bought into the team to use her organisational skills in her role as clinic manager to streamline our processes, champion best practices and keep the clinic running smoothly, whilst having an integral part to play in the growth of the company.

a profile photo of Izabela Krawiec, Pelvic Floor Expert & Clinic Manager – Knightsbridge at MansMatters

Izabela Krawiec

Pelvic Floor Expert & Clinic Manager – Knightsbridge

Izabela's unique experience allows her to look after our patients, mainly ladies but also occasionally men, who visit us for non-invasive incontinence treatment on the Tesla Chair.

As a qualified Pelvic Floor Instructor and Level 3 Pilates Instructor, Iza knows about the strengthening of the Pelvic Floor muscle group.




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