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Erectile Dysfunction and Vasculogenic ED

Vasculogenic ED is a condition that affects millions of men. For some of them Vasculogenic ED is an occasional problem, others only suffer from sporadic erections or difficulty in maintaining an erection, while some have a total inability to achieve a satisfactory erection.

Reported rates of this problem have tripled in recent years, but this may only reflect under-reporting in the past.




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The Limitations of ED Medication

Many men who have Vasculogenic ED have resorted to ‘little blue pills' to overcome their problem, but after a while the effects of the pills will start to decrease. Moreover, many men are not allowed medication due to underlying health problems such as high blood pressure.

This is why Shockwave Therapy is such an important long-term treatment option with no dangerous side effects from pill usage.



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Shockwave Therapy for Vasculogenic ED

A 2019 review conducted in the USA found that erectile function significantly improved with shockwave therapy and, that results were especially effective for men suffering from Vasculogenic ED.

In order to have an erection a man needs a good supply of blood to the penis. Shockwaves have the ability to create capillaries from existing blood vessels and increase blood flow so that stronger erections can be achieved.

Additionally, Shockwaves rejuvenate the penis smooth muscles repairing damage to the Veno-Occlusive mechanism, one of the most common problems underlying organic ED.

Shockwave therapy is one of the few therapy options now available that improves natural, spontaneous, erections and at MansMatters we now have many years of experience helping men overcome their problems with a combination of non-invasive therapies that we have pioneered in the UK.



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What Will Happen During My Shockwave Therapy for Vasculogenic ED Sessions?

Prior to treatment your clinician will discuss your problems and advise on the best combination of treatments. During the shockwave sessions he will hold the handheld shockwave device against your penis while the shockwaves work on the penile tissue.

No medication is required prior to or during treatment – the vast majority of patients find the therapy entirely pain-free and experience little discomfort or pain during the sessions. If you do your clinician will adjust the shockwave intensity.

We have found that shockwave therapy will help virtually all patients suffering from ED and allow them to enjoy spontaneous and natural erections once more.




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