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In this video Shockwave Therapy for ED, we explain how at MansMatters our approach to treating and enabling men to overcome Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is different from businesses simply providing Shockwave Therapy for ED without any other support or advice.

Over the last several years at our specialist clinic we have undertaken in-depth research with our clients enabling our clinicians to evolve the treatment of ED. This has enabled us to develop a unique combination of specialist therapies that allow us to provide a superior, long-lasting outcome for the many men that come to visit us with their ED problems.






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Read our Testimonials

You only have to read the testimonials that they have written to understand how successful this treatment is. All the original handwritten copies are available for you to read when you visit us.

Our Testimonials


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Our Combination of Treatments

The superior Shockwave equipment we use helps create many more and better blood vessels in your penis, electromagnetic transduction therapy (EMTT) makes each of these blood vessels more dynamic and increases intercellular communication and the NanoVi® works on the proteins within each of these cells, thereby promoting the overall health of the penis.

Finally, Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) – the TESLA Chair – provides contactless muscle stimulation strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

It will appreciably improve your vascular system which pumps blood to the penis and stimulates nerves from the brain, through the spine and lower back. You will find that it significantly helps with penis rigidity and spontaneous intercourse.




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