Discover how age and lifestyle impact erectile dysfunction and other men's health issues. As men age, natural changes in hormone levels and blood flow can affect sexual performance. Additionally, lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, smoking, and alcohol consumption play a significant role in erectile health.


Erectile Dysfunction and Smoking

You'd have to live on a desert Island not to be aware of the health risks of smoking. In fact, every packet of cigarettes in the UK carries a health warning by law.  more  

Erectile Dysfunction & Pornography

There is an increasing body of thought that believes pornography can be a contributory factor to Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and more and more we find young men coming forward to us ...  more  

Erectile Dysfunction & Obesity

Obesity is a growing problem of our times. A recent study by the United Nations showed that in the league table of heavies, the UK now sits in a 10th place - Embarrassingly, a full...  more  

Erectile Dysfunction and Nutrition

It's hard to go a day without the importance of healthy eating being on the news - Fast foods, sweets, fizzy drinks, ice creams, burgers and pizza are BAD while green vegetables, w...  more  

Erectile Dysfunction and New Relationships

They say life begins at 40…or possibly even 50. Many of us are living longer and healthier lives and try to cling onto our youth. Being middle aged at 35, when the Biblical lifespa...  more  

Erectile Dysfunction and Alcohol

Many conditions have an adverse effect on Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and ED is a common problem among men who drink too much alcohol or may have in the past and have now slowed dow...  more  

Erectile Dysfunction and Ageing

Erectile Dysfunction has become an issue only relatively recently because before the 20th century individuals often did not live beyond the reproductive years.  more  

ED & PD in Teenagers

When Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and to a lesser extent Peyronie's Disease (PD) is discussed in the press it invariably focuses on middle age to older men.  more