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Erectile Dysfunction and New Relationships

They say life begins at 40…or possibly even 50.

Many of us are living longer and healthier lives and try to cling onto our youth. Being middle aged at 35, when the Biblical lifespan was three score years and ten, doesn't seem right anymore.

Many men want to be sexually active at a much older age - and today there is help at hand to try and achieve this.

We see many older men in our clinics who need help in achieving erections and we have helped numerous numbers go home much to their satisfaction and that of their partner.





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New relationships and middle age

There was a time when starting new relationships at this age was very hard - But not in this day and age. Nowadays there is always an opportunity to start afresh.

In fact, many men in this age group may find themselves looking for a new start. With 42% of UK marriages ending in divorce, it is common for men in this ‘new middle age bracket' to begin dating again - if all goes well, develop a long and fulfilling relationship.

It has never been easier. No longer do you have to be the odd one out, hanging around in bars, or have overzealous friends trying to pair you off in excruciating circumstances at dinner parties. Internet dating has opened up a whole new world of opportunity, and there is someone out there for everyone.

Well, almost everyone.

But the dread for many men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction is that they won't live up to their new partners expectations because of performance anxiety and the ability to satisfy them. Whilst sex is only one aspect of a successful relationship, and may not be as important to some partners as when they were younger, how on earth do you put on your web profile that you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction? ED can often be a major issue in developing relationships and some men will actively avoid starting a new relationship due to the embarrassment of not being a ‘real man' and not having the ability to have satisfactory sexual intimacy with their partners.

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Erectile Dysfunction in Younger Men

Erectile Dysfunction is not a new phenomenon, and it has been around for centuries. Unfortunately, due to many factors, the number of men suffering from ED has been increasing in modern times.

What is even more concerning is that Erectile Dysfunction does not only afflict older men. While over 50% of men over the age of 40 have issues in getting satisfactory erections, a recent study showed that 7% of 18–29-year-olds are also affected. This data shows that no man is immune.

There are numerous causes of ED in men including both medical and psychological factors, which may differ in men based on their age.

  • For example, older men are more prone to experiencing Erectile Dysfunction due to other medical conditions or simply ageing. ED can also be a powerful predictor of a heart attack. These conditions affect blood supply to the penis and if insufficient blood is supplied to it ED will develop.
  • In younger men ED can develop in similar ways as older men, but psychological factors can play a prominent role. Stress, anxiety, and depression disrupt the mental process while sexual performance anxiety is another troubling factor.
  • Likewise, psychological and lifestyle factors can affect older men too. This can be especially true if they have suffered the breakup of a long-term relationship.
  • Some other causes of ED are lifestyle factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol drinking, and drug usage.

Living with ED can add a layer of needless anxiety to your first-time with a new partner. How do you break the news to a new partner that you are unable to engage in satisfactory intercourse? It takes courage to mention this, and many men are simply unable to communicate this effectively and become resigned to a life without another partner. This is a tragedy of major proportions. Many men suffer from ED and never say a word to anyone or seek help.

Within the medical profession, Erectile Dysfunction is just another medical condition. What matters most is that patients should seek help and not try and fight the battle alone. Unfortunately, many men fail to break this invisible mental barrier. This is even more concerning for younger men who take solace in their mobile phone screen rather than seeking help. At a younger age, men feel even greater pressure as they believe society will mock them and even expose them on social media, for all their friends and connections to see. Men, by nature, want to portray a strong image of themselves to others.

Mental support from their loved ones, friends or family members can help men in their fight with ED. Psychological support is even more crucial when it comes to the younger males, and we have had a number of younger males visit our clinic with their parents. We encourage young men to share their condition and the anxiety it causes with their parents.

What's important to understand is that Erectile Dysfunction should be considered as a couple's issue. It's not just men that get affected by ED - partners are affected too. Unless there is the confidence to communicate the issues effectively and have mutual understanding, this can lead to a loss of intimacy, arousal, and sexual drive. As a result, this can cause couples to drift apart from each other.

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Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction and New Relationships

Couples should try different sexual and emotional methods to bring them closer together. Intimacy between partners can be increased with the help of increased understanding and honesty. Non-sexual physical intimacy between partners is also very significant. Talking and discussing and sharing can bring them closer together.

However, in a number of relationships, this is still not enough for some people and a majority of men could experience satisfying sex again if they had the appropriate treatment and took proper advice from a clinic like ours.


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How can MansMatters help?

At MansMatters we don't prescribe "little blue pills" or undertake invasive surgical operations to overcome ED. Instead, we specialise in leading edge focused shockwave therapy. Shockwave therapy is the most advanced ED treatment in the world.

In simple terms it uses special shockwaves that stimulate the growth of new and better blood vessels in your penis, enabling a far greater surge of blood into it, allowing you to enjoy fuller, harder, spontaneous, and longer lasting natural erections.

We also provide revolutionary Extracorporeal MagneticTransduction Therapy (EMTT). Just like shockwave therapy it is also non-invasive and is very effective in treating ED in men as part of an overall treatment regime.

EMTT uses an intense magnetic field to stimulate the regeneration of endothelial cells inside the blood vessels of the penis, which produce energy and transmit nutrients. We use EMTT therapy simultaneously with shockwave therapy and together they will help in you overcoming ED.

We know that effective treatments for Erectile Dysfunction may not be the same for everyone, that's why we properly evaluate your condition first and then provide suitable treatments depending on the severity of your issue.

It's also important to keep in mind that some men may start to see positive results after short term treatments, while for others, it may take a little more time.

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Erectile Dysfunction and New Relationships FAQs

How Important Is Men’s Sexual Health in A New Relationship?

Not every partner wants or needs sex in a relationship, some look for companionship, friendship, and support while sex takes a much lesser role, especially with age. But for other partners sexual intimacy is a vital component for both the man and their partner and can strengthen the bond between them.

How Can Erectile Dysfunction Affect New Relationships?

Erectile Dysfunction can often kill off a relationship before it has really got going. We have treated many men who have been on a few dates, and then shied away from more because they cannot admit to the person, they are dating that they have a sexual problem. This leaves two unhappy people as the partner wonders what they have done wrong with the man who does not want to see them again.

Can My Partner Be Supportive If I Have ED?

From our experience at MansMatters there is no straight answer to this question. We have treated men whose partners have cajoled them to visit the clinic for treatment and are fully supportive and understand the physical and psychological turmoil that their male partner is suffering. In many instances a wife or girlfriend has taken the initiative and contacted us first. Conversely, we have had other partners where the lack of sexual intimacy has broken the relationship.

Are Your Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Effective?

Our Erectile Dysfunction treatments are very effective, but like all medical conditions it depends on how severe the condition is and how your body reacts. If someone has mild ED and no other medical conditions, then the success rates are extremely high. But if someone has not had a single erection for 10 years and has a number of other difficult medical conditions then the success rate can be much lower. We assess everyone individually at an initial consultation before proceeding with an appropriate course of treatment for their particular condition.

If I Have Erectile Dysfunction, What Should I Do Next?

If you have ED and have a partner, try to discuss the issue with them. Many partners feel the reason for a lack of sexual activity is because you do not find them attractive and sharing the problem may help with the relationship. Secondly, you should visit your GP. If your condition is very mild, they may be able to help you. If your condition is more serious then approach private men’s health clinics like MansMatters.

Why Do You Provide Non-Invasive Treatments Exclusively?

With any medical condition a patient should try a non-invasive treatment initially. Unlike surgery, our non-invasive methods have no side effects, and our therapies are risk free compared to invasive procedures.

How Can I Have a Happy Relationship with My Partner If I Have ED?

Satisfactory sexual intimacy isn’t the only factor in a happy relationship. Non-sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy also play a vital role. You can still maintain a happy relationship even if you have ED by providing affection, compassion, and trust.

Is Intercourse Essential for Me to Satisfy My Partner and Myself?

Sexual satisfaction can be achieved even without penetrative intercourse. You can try foreplay or oral methods to satisfy the sexual cravings of yourself and your partner. Exploring each other’s body and understanding what each of you like can also be very helpful in achieving mutual sexual satisfaction without intercourse.

How Does ED Affect Long Term Relationships?

If ED is ignored and not properly discussed between partners, then this can create divisions and pull them apart from one another. The longer ED persists then the greater this problem can become. Some couples even break up and go their separate ways because of this. But if sex is not very important in a relationship and partners are mutually happy with each other then, this is less of an issue.

How Common Is ED In Middle Aged Men?

The chance of developing ED increases as a man ages. Over 50% of men over the age of 40 suffer from ED. But it is more common in older men who are over 60 or 70. However, nowadays ED is increasingly more common in middle aged men. Lifestyle factors such as unhealthy diets, lack of exercises, smoking, excessive drinking, anxiety and health issues like diabetes, high blood sugar, high cholesterol are the leading causes of ED in middle aged men.




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