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What is the Ultimate Prostate Health Check?

The ultimate prostate health check is our most accurate advanced blood test, boasting 95% accuracy, and is combined with other tests conducted at our clinic within one hour. This test determines whether there is a high indication of prostate cancer. Early detection allows for earlier intervention, which could potentially save your life.

We are among the first clinics to offer the Proclarix and Stockholm 3 blood tests, all of which are carried out by our urology specialist, accompanied by comprehensive advice.






Do I need it?


If you are a man aged 40, 45, or 50 and above, you should consider getting your prostate checked at least once a year to prevent issues with your prostate and potentially save your life.



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Why this test and not other common PSA tests?

Common PSA tests are not accurate indicators of prostate cancer. Conditions such as age-related enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia), infections, recent ejaculation, and prostatitis can elevate PSA levels, but this does not necessarily mean you have prostate cancer.

Furthermore, some prostate cancers may not affect PSA levels at all. Our test evaluates clinical data, PSA levels, protein markers, and over 100 DNA genetic markers associated with cancer, providing a more comprehensive assessment. 


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An accurate, fast indicator of cancer means:

1. If the indicator suggests a low likelihood of cancer, it offers peace of mind and saves you the hassle of enduring hospital waiting lists, worrying about whether you have cancer. It also spares you the unnecessary discomfort of invasive biopsy procedures and MRI scans.

2. If the indicator suggests a higher likelihood of cancer, early intervention allows for prompt further investigations, such as MRI scans and biopsies, to be advised and guided. This could potentially save your life.



What does the package entail?

1. Bladder scan

2. Uroflowmetry

3. Digital Rectal Examination (optional)

4. Proclarix/Stockholm 3/PSA blood test

5. All tests are performed and include a medical consultation by a urology specialist.

Results will be available within 1-2 weeks.

Cost: £1,200 






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In depth information on the prostate

One of the most important glands in the male body is the walnut-shaped prostate.

This Gland plays an important role in generating fluid that nourishes and carries sperm. It helps the expulsion of semen during ejaculation, and It plays a role in regulating male hormones, such as testosterone.  

Issues with the prostate can result in poor urinary control, incontinence, dribbling, and prostate cancer. Although prostate cancer can be life-threatening, it is not fatal 96% of the time. If diagnosed early, the success rates for treatments are extremely high. Abnormal prostate can show raised PSA levels.

PSA is a protein made by the prostate gland. A PSA test measures this protein in the blood to check for prostate cancer.

Here's how it's used:

1. Detecting Cancer: High PSA levels might suggest cancer but can also be due to other prostate issues.
2. Monitoring: Doctors use the test to see how cancer treatment is working and if the cancer comes back.
3. Early Warning: Sometimes, a rise in PSA levels can alert doctors to cancer early on.

The PSA test isn't always accurate, so more tests like Advanced Stockholm 3 test, physical exams or biopsies may be needed to confirm cancer.

Despite the importance of the prostate in men's health, there's often less emphasis on its preventative care compared to conditions like breast cancer. In the UK, men over 50 can talk to their NHS GP about PSA testing based on individual risk factors and symptoms, though it's not automatically offered to all and only gives limited information.

Plus, many men choose not to take this test even when it's suggested.

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How can MansMatters help?

At MansMatters, we specialise in men's health and have pioneered the most comprehensive Prostate Test – The Ultimate Prostate Health Check, of any clinic in the UK.  

This on-the-day test checks the health of your prostate and provides you with a range of indicators and repeat testing, to further action including biopsies and MRI's.

The Ultimate Prostate Health Check is non-invasive, and it includes a one-to-one consultation with a prostate urology specialist, IPS and SCHIM(*SHIM) scoring, a range of advanced male-specificblood tests (including PSA free and PSA total tests) and, depending on initial results, the world-leading stockholm3 or Ploclarix tests.

We test three different PSA proteins and over 100 genetic mutations. 

Additionally, all aspects of urination and retention are tested, a digital rectal examination is undertaken as well to ascertain the prostate texture and whether any nodules exist on the prostate that required further investigation. We can offer a world-beating 95% negative to rule out prostate cancer and male patients are also given a personal overview of what their results mean and an insight into the future of their prostate health along with lifestyle guidance.

The Ultimate Prostate Health Check is undertaken in less than an hour and results are available within 1-2 weeks. 

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