Bladder scan and flow tests

Many men find that the passing of urine is not what it used to be: it can take longer, they feel insufficient urine has passed, or over time the visits to the lavatory are on the increase, especially at nighttime.  Some feel pain and discomfort. Most men soldier on and just accept that things are not quite what they used to be, but they shouldn't, and some simple short tests undertaken by a Urology specialist at MansMatters can identify and find solutions to their problems. 





a doctor with blue gloves holding up a vial of blood from a blood test

Bladder Scan

The first non-invasive test we undertake is a bladder scan. This scan assesses the amount of urine that is left in the bladder after a gentleman has paid a visit to the toilet. An ultrasound device is placed on the lower abdomen over the bladder area. The soundwaves of the ultrasound bounce off the bladder wall and the machine generates live pictures of the bladder, which you can see in real time with the amount and volume of urine within it.

The bladder scan can be a signpost to various medical concerns including urinary obstructions, bladder muscle dysfunction or a neurogenic bladder.  It can also be an indication of abnormalities in the bladder both in shape and size.



 a diagram of the pelvis showing off the bladder and urethra


In conjunction with a bladder scan, MansMatters undertake flow tests using a uroflowmetry. In simple terms this involves a patient urinating into the device, which measures the rate of the urinary flow. This provides useful information about the health and function of the urinary tract with particular focus on the Urethra (the tube that travels from your bladder through your prostate and the full length of your penis) and your bladder, where the urine is initially retained.  

Prepare before the test

Before the test, you will be instructed to drink a good quantity of water and to hold back on urinating for some time. You will then be asked to urinate in the privacy of restrooms into the uroflowmetry. This records several different factors which are plotted out on a graph and explained by the Urology specialist who will recommend a course of action.




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