Sexual Function Exercises

How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

MANSMATTERS is the first clinic in the UK to provide a successful holistic erectile dysfunction treatment using ground breaking non-invasive shockwave therapy, combined with psychosexual counselling a sexual function exercise programme and medical dietary guidance.

The programme is the first non-invasive treatment of its kind that can provide longer term, natural improvements and is suitable for both men at early and later stages of ED.

Sexual Function Exercises

The human body is a dynamic system of life and any part that is not regularly used will experience decline. A person who has an arm in its cast will notice a significant reduction in size and flexibility when it is removed. Likewise may of our patients who have decreased sexual activity will notice declines not only in the immediate sexual regions but also wider physical attributes.

Our sexual function exercise programme is tailored to each individual patient based on their current physical condition, health and personal goals. It encompasses an interrelated group of exercises that include penal strengthening movements through to exercises that increase the effectiveness of the vascular system and the supporting body core.

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