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Supercharge Your Erections

Do you remember when you were younger and achieved erections on demand any time of day or night? Or when your body seemed to have a mind of its own when an attractive girl came into sight. Do you remember the days when every morning without fail you awoke with a raging erection?  Or you could perform again with minimal rest in-between?

But then over the passage of time your sexuality got just that little bit more challenging. You didn’t have erectile problems as such, and you could still enjoy satisfactory sex, but you were no longer in your sexual prime, and you would like to regain that feeling of being a ‘hot blooded male.’

Mansmatters were the first clinic in the UK to introduce a breakthrough treatment of Extracorporeal Focused Shockwave Therapy and  Electromagnetic Transduction Therapy (EMTT) that is winding back the sexual years for many of our clients. The treatment targets the very nature of how you gain and sustain an erection by increasing blood vessels in your penis and creating more effective nerve tissues: Meaning more heightened arousal and longer, harder, and more solid erections:  On demand!

For a man to have an erection, up to twenty times more blood is rushing into the penis through blood vessels and is trapped there by a complex system of valves. This is what makes the penis rock solid.  But as we age, some of our blood vessels become blocked, some wither and die and some become damaged, meaning over time, rather than twenty times as much blood rushing into our penis. It becomes nineteen, eighteen and so on and before you know it your erections just aren’t as hard or effective as they used to be, arousal isn’t as exciting and at the back of your mind you worry that in the future your sexual ability will decline further. 

Tablets like Viagra work by widening the blood vessels, allowing more blood to rush into the penis, but this is temporary, it does not repair or increase your blood vessels or nerve tissues and over a prolonged period of time the body becomes much less responsive, which can lead to sexual problems and erectile dysfunction.

How Shockwave Therapy Works

Extra Corporeal Focused shockwave therapy uses sound waves, that travel at 1500 metres a second to target all your blood vessels. This pain free treatment creates a minor trauma which not only clears blood vessels of blockages, but also causes them to proliferate allowing more blood to flow into the penis. An analogy can be used with weight training. Weight training causes a minor trauma in muscles, which then increase muscle size and power.

The therapy also increases the nerve tissue meaning that the results are longer, harder, more sustainable erections. It can have the effect, like the first time you took Viagra, but with more permanent results and without the need to pop pills in anticipation of sex.

This technology has been used by the NHS since the 1980’s to treat kidney stones and other areas of the body, but it is only in recent years that it has become a proven technology for a sexual boost. At Mansmatters we were the first clinic in the UK to pioneer this treatment in 2013 and have treated 1000s’ of men and enabled them to rewind back their sexual years.

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