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Erectile dysfunction affects many parts of our life,

Erectile dysfunction affects many parts of our life, how we perceive ourselves and how we interact with others. In turn our lifestyles and many other pressures may have a detrimental effect on our ability to have satisfying sex. Our video library covers many of the issues our patients face on a day to day basis.

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    18 March, 2020

    “I was so impressed with my consultation with Dr Almashan, that I extended my stay in London by three weeks and embarked on the treatment straight away.”

    18 March, 2020

    “With teenage kids, a business and the normal pressures of life, the sex side of my relationship with my wife drifted and became less frequent. When we tried to have sex, it became increasingly more difficult and my wife even suggested I was having an affair. I felt a complete failure! Mansmatters treated not only my physical condition, but their hypnotherapist was able to help me understand my inner fears and relationship with my wife, who actually came along to the treatment. Needless to say not only has my sex life improved; my relationship with my wife is better than it has been for years. We have learnt that aging throws all sorts of issues at us that are best dealt with together”.

    18 March, 2020

    “I suffered severe Peyronie’s disease for over 10 years, which prevented me from having sexual intercourse. Within three weeks of seeing Dr Leon, I was able to enjoy intercourse with my wife for the first time for many years.”

    18 March, 2020

    “Prostatitis caused me pain, discomfort and severely impeded my ability to conduct business meetings. Focused shockwave therapy has just made my life bearable again.”

    18 March, 2020

    “As my ED worsened, my wife thought I was having an affair. I confessed to my ‘condition’ and we both went to see Mr Almashan. After just a few months not only have my ‘sexual batteries’ been recharged, It has brought us closer together. “

    18 March, 2020

    “Mr Almashan is the first medical professional to explain in simple terms my condition. I came away from the consultation convinced that I had found a genuine expert.”

    18 March, 2020

    “Although I don’t have full ED, age has caught up with me. The days of embarrassing, spontaneous erections are long gone and now it is just a little more strenuous and unpredictable to hold a full erection. I went through a sexual boost programme at Mansmatters and it really works. It has reversed the decline and taken me back years.”

    18 March, 2020

    “I am in my eighties and my ED problems been dismissed by the medical profession as just ‘old age’. I researched every possible option came across shockwave therapy. Why so many GP’s are unaware of this treatment is astounding. It really works and I expect to be a lifelong customer.”


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