a man holding his head in pain from a migraine

Erectile Dysfunction
& Migraines

A number of medications used to treat Migraines can lead to the onset of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and other sexual problems. Medications provided by a local GP are unlikely to be sufficient to overcome this problem.

However, thanks to Focused Shockwave Therapy (FSWT) and other ground-breaking clinical technologies used at MansMatters, this decline can be reversed for many migraine sufferers.




If you have developed suffer from ED, which maybe as a result of migraines, MansMatters can help.

We offer a number of treatments that can help you overcome this.




a man holding his head in pain from a migraine

What's the link between ED and migraines?

Men suffering with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are 63% more likely to also have been given a diagnosis of migraine headaches than men without ED. This link is particularly pronounced in younger men in their 30s.

One plausible explanation for this association is the chronic pain experienced during migraines.

The continuous pain and discomfort associated with migraines can potentially affect sexual function and libido, especially during episodes of intense pain, while on the other hand, some people find that sex can relieve migraine.


the chemical make-up of dopamine


Role of Dopamine

Dopamine, often referred to as the “pleasure chemical,” is believed to play a role in both migraines and sexual function. Researchers have proposed that dopamine dysfunction may contribute to the development of migraines as well as ED. However, further research is needed to fully understand the underlying mechanisms and specific interactions between dopamine and these conditions.






Migraine Medication Side Effects

Another factor that may contribute to the connection between ED and migraines is the potential side effects of migraine medication. Some drugs can have adverse effects on sexual function and may contribute to the development of ED.

This is why it is important for men experiencing migraines and ED to discuss their symptoms with healthcare professionals to discover whether medication adjustments or alternative treatment options should be tried.

Research into Erectile Dysfunction & Migraines

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine published in 2022 revealed that migraine was associated with a significantly higher risk of ED as compared to the non-migraine general population.

While a study published by the International Headache Society in 2012 concluded that ED is associated with having been previously diagnosed with migraines, particularly in younger populations. 






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Sex Can Both Relieve and Trigger Migraine Attacks

Interestingly, some migraine sufferers find that sex acts as a tool to ease their migraines. The exact reason for this is still unknown, but it's suspected that due to the rush of endorphins during sexual arousal and orgasm, migraine pain can be relieved. On the contrary, for some patient's sex can trigger a migraine attack as well.

The involvement of muscle tissues in the neck and back region during sexual activity may trigger migraine attacks. The relationship between mood, excitability and stress can also induce migraines through sex.


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How to Manage Migraines to Improve Your Sex Life

To properly manage migraines, one should consult a healthcare professional and take proper medications. Furthermore, a healthy diet, regular exercise, stress management and proper relaxation can benefit migraine sufferers hugely. Proper hydration and meditation can also help patients to better cope with migraine.

By following these strategies, men with migraines can definitely hope to have an improved sex life.







an illustration of shockwave therapy being used as an erectile dysfunction treatment

Shockwave Therapy for Treating ED in Migraine Patients

We have found that Focused ShockWave Therapy (FSWT) treatment for ED is often suitable for migraine patients. This innovative therapy targets the vascular system, stimulating the creation of new blood vessels, regenerating existing ones, and significantly improving nerve and surrounding tissue function. By enhancing blood flow to the erectile tissues, FSWT enables individuals to achieve natural erections without relying on pills or methods that may interfere with foreplay, offering an alternative pill- free and long-term ED solution.

The FSWT we undertake at our clinic uses the latest Swiss engineered technology shockwave system, the STORZ DUOLITH® SD1. This provides ultra-focused shock wave therapy, superior to radial shockwave used by many other practitioners and which is the most advanced device of its kind available today.


an EMTT device used for erectile dysfunction treatments


The Role of EMTT in Treating ED

Extracorporeal MagnetoTransduction Therapy (EMTT) is combined with FSWT and utilises a strong magnetic field in the endothelial cells present in the millions of blood vessels inside the penis. This treatment hastens the healing process and further improves blood flow inside the penis, which enables men to obtain a strong erection to enable enjoyable sexual intercourse.


a man sitting and smiling in a Tesla chair for a Functional Magnetic Stimulation treatment]

Using Functional Magnetic Stimulation to Treat ED

We also use Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) to treat men who suffer from migraines and ED. FMS is a non-invasive treatment modality that uses high-intensity electromagnetic fields to stimulate nerves in the pelvic area, which can improve blood flow to the penis. FMS helps improve penile blood flow and erectile function by addressing important underlying factors that contribute to ED.





Erectile Dysfunction & Migraines FAQs

Can Migraines Damage My Sex Life?

If you suffer from migraines and are reading this, you may have already discovered that a migraine can hamper your sex life if not managed properly. Migraine headaches can cause low libido and hinder your ability to experience an enjoyable sex life.

Is There Any Link Between ED and Migraines?

Clinical researchers have found a strong link between migraines and ED. Usually men who suffer from migraines are more vulnerable to experiencing ED, compared to others. Although both issues may seem unrelated at first glance, doctors and researchers have been able to identify some reasons why these two issues are interlinked.

Why Do Migraine Patients Have an Increased Risk of Suffering From ED?

Migraines mainly cause ED by reducing libido in men and damaging their ability to obtain a strong erection. Another reason for the association between migraines and ED can be dopamine deficiency which can also cause both ED and migraines. However, more research is needed to fully understand the role of dopamine deficiency in the development of migraines and ED. Moreover, certain migraine medications can also contribute to the development of ED.

I’ve Read That Some Men Have Sex to Relieve Migraines. Would This Help Me?

Typically, migraines decrease libido. However, some men experience increased libido, this increased sex drive in male migraine patients may result from the low level of serotonin. It really depends on the intensity of your migraine and your sex drive.

Can My Migraines Be Triggered If I Have Sex?

Unfortunately, just as sex can relieve a migraine, it can trigger one as well. The involvement of muscles in the neck and back region during sex is suspected to trigger migraines. What’s more, the relationship between excitability, stress and mood can be a possible reason for this condition.

Can I Lead a Healthy Sex Life if I Have Migraines?

While migraines can definitely hamper your sex life, if managed properly, then you can definitely enjoy a healthy sex life. You should seek medical help to manage your migraines properly. Trying cold therapy, relaxation, hydration, meditation, etc. can be useful strategies to relieve a migraine.

Can Migraine Medications Affect My Sexual Function?

Certain medications which are used to treat migraines can adversely affect your sexual function. Some male migraine patients even suffer from ED because of the medications they take to treat migraine.

Can ED Be Treated if I Have Migraines?

Definitely it can be treated. But for that you need to visit a specialised Men’s health clinic like MansMatters. Here at MansMatters, we have successfully treated a numerous ED patient who suffered from migraines.

Can Migraine Patients Take Little Blue Pills?

This is a subject still being researched. Little blue pills may have a moderate migraine headache-inducing and a modest aura-inducing effect in patients with migraine with aura, even in those who exclusively experienced attacks of migraine with aura in their spontaneous attacks.




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