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ED and COVID-19

Since we first published our findings about the link between COVID–19 and Erectile Dysfunction (ED) on 10th September 2021, the results from a number of studies have been published about the link.

It is now indisputable that COVID-19 is having very serious effects on the body's autoimmune system, which impacts Erectile Dysfunction and LONG COVID is now affecting people of all ages.





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How are ED and COVID-19 linked

Before looking at recent studies more closely, let's take a look at some of the reasons why ED and COVID–19 have shown to be linked.

COVID-19 affected more men than women, and they came out of COVID-19 with more severe diseases. Furthermore, studies have shown an approximate 20% increase in the incidence of ED and their ability in achieving an erection in men who have had COVID-19 compared to men who haven't had COVID-19.

Other studies revealed that coronavirus can cause damage to the testicles, testicular pain or swelling, as well as difficulty achieving orgasm, and low libido. Reduced testosterone levels have been shown in LONG COVID sufferers and even some urinary problems.

COVID-19 related mental and stress issues, anxiety, and depression have also been shown to impact sexual health and lead to ED.

In a paper titled ‘Tip of the iceberg: erectile dysfunction and COVID-19'  (hyperlink to: ) published in the International Journal of Impotence Research in February 2022 the authors noted:

“COVID-19 has also been linked to endothelial dysfunction. That's when the inner lining or wall of blood vessels stays stiff instead of expanding and contracting to allow blood flow. This can affect how blood is pumped and carried through your body, including tissue in the penis. Disrupted blood supply to your penis can make it difficult to get or keep an erection.”

Emmanuele Jannini, professor of endocrinology and medical sexology at the University of Rome Tor Vergata in Italy, has also argued that ED may be a symptom of LONGCOVID.

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Erectile Dysfunction and long Covid

In a scientific article published in July 2021 co-authored by Mr Jannini, he and a group of Italian scientists said erectile dysfunction was a “likely consequence of Covid-19 for survivors and considering the high transmissibility of the infection and the higher contagion rates among elderly men, a worrying phenomenon for a large part of affected patients”.

A further area of future investigation will be around the damage COVID-19 causes to the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. These blood vessels can become clogged with fatty deposits and calcium deposits resulting in damage to the endothelium (lining), meaning they lose their flexibility and ability not only to allow a free flow of blood but also to expand and contract. Damage to these blood vessels and build-up of deposits can be a trigger in the development of Peyronie's Disease.

COVID-19 affects the vascular system (system that carries blood, pumped by the heart throughout the body).  Erectile dysfunction is often a predictor of heart disease, so both the vascular system and problems with the male reproductive system are connected.  COVID-19 can also cause hyperinflammation in men affecting the heart and adjacent muscles.  This can affect the blood supply to the penis. Blood supply to the penis is a crucial in order for a man to achieve and maintain an erection. In fact, over 20 times the normal amount of blood needs to flow into the penis.

Successful intercourse is not just based on the vascular system it is also psychological.  Impulses from our brain that travel via the central nervous system and tell our body to get aroused. An analogy would be a motor car. You need to turn the key or press a button to switch the ignition on (our brain) and make the fuel flow to the engine to make the car move (the blood).  The central nervous system controls our sense of smell and taste, which are all symptoms of COVID-19. Future studies will show if there are any longer-term impacts to the Central nervous system. Another psychological impact is depression and the impacts of long-term social distancing and lockdowns have yet to be fully understood on people's mental health.

People suffering conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease are far more vulnerable to Coronavirus. These conditions are strongly correlated to suffering erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's Disease. The medical community is at the very early stages of understanding what long-term complications COVID-19 can cause as currently medical resources are geared towards prevention, vaccination and saving lives.

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How to Manage ED Caused by COVID-19

Management of ED caused by COVID-19 is no different than other types of ED.

Symptoms of ED caused by COVID-19 may improve over time all on its own in some patients, but others may not be as lucky. In that case, those patients will require medical help in order to treat their ED fully.





If you think you have ED from COVID-19, what can you do about it?

Initially you should speak to your doctor and perhaps consult a urologist.

At MansMatters, we have treated hundreds of men suffering from ED with a combination of unique treatments
allowing them renewed sexual energy and strong erections.




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How We Treat ED resulting from COVID-19

Our treatment protocols for ED consist of various modern non-invasive procedures such as focused shockwave therapy, focused extracorporeal magnetotransduction therapy and NanoVi. Shockwave therapy is our primary treatment option and complements our other treatments.

Focused shockwave therapy generates new blood vessels and enables increased and improved blood flow to the penile tissues by employing special shockwaves to the penis. Extracorporeal magnetotransduction therapy works at the microscopic cell level by using a strong magnetic field. It aids in cell recovery as well as increasing intercellular connection and blood flow within the penis.




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Other ED Treatments from COVID-19

NanoVi technology works on the proteins of each cell, aids in the recovery of damaged cells as well as their DNA and therefore further promotes the overall health of the penis. NanoVi has shown wider benefits to people suffering from long Covid, including those that suffer from severe fatigue. All of our treatments are extremely safe to undergo and have no major side-effects whatsoever.



ED and COVID-19 FAQs

What Are the Long-term Effects of Covid-19?

Covid-19 overall may cause issues like chest pain, brain fog, insomnia, heart palpitations and joint pain. Research on the long-term effects of covid-19 is still ongoing.

Does Covid-19 Affect Men's Sexual Health?

Covid-19 can indeed negatively affect men’s sexual health and is associated with the onset of or worsening of ED. Studies have shown that numerous men with Covid-19 also had difficulties in obtaining and retaining strong erections. Covid-19 is also associated with testicular pain or swelling and low libido in men.

Can ED Be Due to Covid-19?

Yes, several studies have found the association between Covid-19 and ED. Penile blood flow can get affected due to Covid-19, and lack of enough blood supply in the penile tissues is a prime cause of ED. Covid-19 related mental stress, anxiety or depression can also induce ED in men.

Is There Any Association Between Covid-19 and Peyronie’s Disease?

Currently there is a lack of research showing that Covid-19 can lead to PD. However, we know that Covid-19 can lead to the formation of fatty deposits in the blood vessels, and these fatty deposits can trigger the development of PD. Further research on this subject is required.

Is the Onset of ED After Suffering from Covid-19 Common in Men?

Many men who were affected by Covid-19 also suffered from Erectile Dysfunction. Studies have shown that the prevalence of ED in males with Covid-19 was approximately 20% higher than those who were not affected by this virus. This data tells us that a substantial number of men with Covid-19 suffered from erection problems.

Is ED Treatable If It Is Caused by Covid-19?

Most types of ED are treatable, even if caused by Covid-19. Many ED patients who suffered from Covid-19 have undergone treatments and were able to overcome their erection problem.

Is the Treatment of ED Caused by Covid-19 Different Than Any Other Types of ED?

Treatment for ED caused by Covid-19 is not any different than other types of ED. There is no distinct type of treatment available or required for covid-19 induced ED. But of course, before taking any sort of treatments, a patient should consult with a healthcare professional who will diagnose the issue. Only after finding out the cause of the ED, correct forms of treatments are recommended.

How Do You Treat ED in Patients Who Have Suffered from Covid-19?

We treat ED in patients who had Covid-19 using our advanced non-invasive therapy methods such as, focused shockwave therapy, focused extracorporeal magnetotransduction therapy, Tesla Chair, functional magnetic stimulation and NanoVi.

Can Oral Medications Be Effective in Treating Covid-19 Induced ED?

Oral medicines like “Little Blue Pills” can work for the short term but are not a suitable long-term solution. These pills can have adverse effects on the body and if taken for a long time their effectiveness decreases.