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Psychosexual Counselling

MANSMATTERS is the first clinic in the UK to provide a successful holistic erectile dysfunction treatment using ground breaking non-invasive shockwave therapy, combined with psychosexual counselling a sexual function exercise programme and medical dietary guidance.

The programme is the first non-invasive treatment of its kind that can provide longer term, natural improvements and is suitable for both men at early and later stages of ED

Psychosexual Counselling

An erection begins in the brain with the nervous systems and the brain is where sensation of sexual arousal is experienced. The brain sends its arousal signal to the penile nerves to open the capillaries and send a rush of blood to the penis. The brain can significantly decrease the ability for this to work: A cycle of decreasing self-belief, anxiety and stress becomes self-fulfilling.

Our tailored hypnotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy explores the subconscious and creates changes in our patient’s thoughts and sexual confidence and changes their self-belief and quality of life. This is essential for men who believe they will never have satisfying sex again. With our treatment the mind no longer acts as a barrier to the wider treatment and what may have seemed impossible is now achievable.

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