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P-Shot or E-shot for ED

An increasingly talked about and, popular treatment for men with mild erectile dysfunction and early stage Peyronie’s disease is the injection of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the penis to aid in restoring and correcting sexual function.

The treatment is advertised under a number of different names, the two most popular are marketed with the names E-shot and P-Shot; both are based on the same medical principles. The treatments are often confused with ED shots used to temporarily increase a man’s libido or provide temporary erections and are prescribed by a GP.

So, what are the main difference between the E-shot and the P-Shot? 

The P-Shot or Priapus shot (Priapus named after the Greek god of procreation) was first developed in America by Dr Charles Runel and is a well-established medical procedure in the USA. The P-Shot and E-shot both follow the same principles of extracting a patient’s blood into a specialist tube and then putting it though a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the blood at 2400 reps per minute for 10 minutes. The centrifuging separates the blood into different layers of white blood cells, red blood cells and a 1% layer which is the Platelet Rich Plasma. This Platelet Rich Plasma is the most powerful natural material from your ‘life blood’. When injected in any area of your body that is injured or nonperforming, it will immediately accelerate the regenerative and healing process.

What is the E-Shot™?

The E-Shot™ is a proven medical treatment that stimulates the natural growth of new blood vessels and tissue healing in the penis. It helps men regain self-confidence by giving them stronger erections, treating the inability to maintain an erection, assisting in the healing of scars like Peyronie’s plaques, and increasing girth and size. Additionally, it rejuvenates the penis and enhances sensitivity.

It is safe, non-surgical and painless. The treatment takes around thirty minutes to carry out in our clinic with additional time added to undertake other procedures we have developed to enhance our treatment and its short and longer-term outcomes.

The E Shot™ and Repairing Your Body

To give you the E Shot™ we take a small amount of blood from your body and from this isolate the parts that play a crucial role in the natural healing processes in your blood. When this is done, we inject these into your penile tissues.

Why the E Shot™ is better than standard P-Shot and Repairing Your Body

Simply its more potent and more effective. See summary comparison table below

FeatureE-ShotStandard P-Shot/ PRP
Platelet Concentration1.6 billion platelets per dose1 million platelets per dose
Red Blood Cells (Inflammatory)Eliminated to reduce inflammation & enhance healingMay include some Redbood cells
White Blood Cells (Regenerative)Maximised for enhanced repair regenerative capabilitiesTypically not activated
White Blood cells (Pro-Inflammatory)Minimised to reduce inflammation & swellingOften present
Pain/discomfortTiny injections for minimal discomfort1 larger injection is used in multiple locations
Risk of infectionFour tiny sterilised needles are used at each location to minimise the risk of infectionRepeated use of the same needle in multiple locations
Growth factors (Signals for healing)350+ Growth factorsAbout 6 Growth factors

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