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Erectile Dysfunction
and Heart Medication

It has been estimated that 25% of all Erectile Dysfunction (ED) problems are caused by medication. With heart medication like nitrates, it is unsafe to take some ED pills.

Fortunately, there have been huge advances in ED treatment over the last ten years and at MansMatters we have the most advanced technology of any clinic in the world to treat and reverse your sexual decline – safely and without the use of pills or invasive surgery.




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ED Pills and the Heart

As there are many concerns about the use of ED pills and risks to the heart, if in the last six months you have suffered:

  • a heart attack
  • a stroke
  • serious disturbances of the heart's pumping rhythm

Then you should seek medical advice before taking them, especially if you are a man with a history of congestive heart failure or unstable angina.

Some heart medicines such as beta-blockers can have a small risk of causing ED, even so, some men do experience problems. Research has shown that a large number of these men suffer from ED because they have been told of the possible ED side-effects. Men not given this warning are less likely to suffer from ED. So, the issue of experiencing ED problems may be psychological in origin.


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Erectile Dysfunction and High Blood Pressure

Men with High Blood Pressure (hypertension) are approximately twice as likely to experience ED than non-hypertensive patients.

Even without medication, there's a close relationship between high blood pressure and ED. Sometimes one of the first signs of a high blood pressure problem is experiencing ED. In order to have a strong erection, proper blood flow is essential in helping the penis become erect. For men with ED the blood vessels in the penis are constricted and do not allow a sufficient blood flow. This results in difficulty achieving or maintaining an adequate erection.

Another way that hypertension can cause ED in men, is endothelial dysfunction. If hypertension is not treated, then in the long run it can cause oxidative stress and endothelial cell injury. These issues can reduce the ability of arteries and arterioles of the corpus cavernosum to dilate effectively and ultimately lead to ED.

High blood pressure is also linked with low testosterone hormone levels, which is another known risk factor of ED in men. Testosterone levels and high blood pressure are suspected to be connected by factors such as neuropathic problems, ageing, and insulin resistance.

Certain hypertension drugs such as diuretics can cause sexual dysfunction as diuretics can reduce blood flow in the penile tissues and induce ED. However, some researchers say that diuretics causing ED may have a psychological origin rather than a physical one. Nevertheless, a few research studies have shown that after taking Diuretics, some men have experienced ED.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, then it's important that you treat this problem using the advice provided by your GP. If you are not able to maintain your blood pressure level properly, then you will face an increased risk of suffering from various diseases including heart related diseases and ED.

To lower your blood pressure and properly manage it, you will need to make some dietary changes. Foods that contain potassium and magnesium, can reduce your blood pressure level. Moreover, foods such as citrus fruits, salmon and other fatty fish, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, lentils, beans, peas, berries, etc. can help you manage your hypertension more effectively. If you are a smoker, then stopping smoking is important.

You can read more about ED and High Blood Pressure on our page devoted to it.

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Managing ED Without Medication

If you or your health professional are concerned about any of the medications or the combination of pills you may be taking, we recommend that you consider Shockwave therapy as an alternative treatment to manage your ED.

The therapy is non-invasive and will help restore proper blood flow to the penis allowing you to enjoy strong, spontaneous erections.





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Our Other Non-Invasive Treatments

Along with shockwave therapy, we also provide other revolutionary non-invasive treatments like Extracorporeal MagnetoTransduction Therapy and NanoVi. The effectiveness of both treatments increases when used simultaneously with shockwave therapy. EMTT utilises a strong magnetic field to further improve blood flow in the penis. This treatment hastens the healing process of the body and also improves the transfer of nutrients between the cells in the blood vessels of the penis.

Furthermore, NanoVi technology helps repair the cell damage and DNA within those cells without using any harmful chemicals. Our NanoVi technology also helps repair the endothelial function in the penis and promotes the overall health of the penis.

At MansMatters we have successfully treated hundreds of men with ED problems using a unique combination of treatments and when you visit us you are welcome to read the many testimonials our satisfied clients have written.

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Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Medication FAQs

Can Medications be Responsible For ED?

Researchers and doctors have identified a wide range of risk factors for ED. Unfortunately, some medications can be responsible for causing it. It’s reported that almost 25% of all ED problems occur due to the effects of some medications. For example, heart medications such as beta-blockers can induce ED in some patients.

If I Take Beta-blockers, Will I Suffer from ED?

While there is no guarantee that you will suffer from ED if you take beta-blockers, some men have experienced ED after taking this medicine. However, a great number of patients have not experienced any erectile issues after taking them.

Why do Beta-blockers Cause ED in Some Users?

One possible explanation is that it is a psychological issue, since men who suffer from ED after taking beta-blockers, have known in advance that this might affect their sexual performance, while men not given such a warning never experienced any ED problems.

Can Hypertension Medications be Responsible for ED?

Hypertension is also a major risk factor for ED and certain hypertension medications can also be responsible for the development of ED in men. Not all high blood pressure medicines cause ED. However, certain hypertension medications such as Diuretics, can cause sexual dysfunction in some men. Many men who have taken Diuretics have experienced difficulties in obtaining strong erections.

If I Take Heart Medications, Can I Take ED Medications?

If you take heart medications such as certain types of nitrates, then taking ED medications as well is not recommended as it can lower your blood pressure to a dangerous level and put your health at risk.

How Do You Treat ED in Patients With Heart Issues?

We use revolutionary non-invasive treatments including shockwave therapy, EMTT therapy, NanoVi, Telsa chair and Functional Magnetic Stimulation to treat ED. This unique combination of treatments is effective in treating ED even in those patients who have heart issues.

Are Your ED Treatments Effective in Patients Who Have a History Of Congestive Heart Failure?

So far, we have successfully been able to treat a number of ED patients who had a history of congestive heart failure. Men who take heart medications can continue to take them alongside our ED treatments. Moreover, our treatments provide long-term solutions for ED unlike “Little blue pills”.

Are Your ED Treatments Effective in Patients Who Have a History Of Congestive Heart Failure?

So far, we have successfully been able to treat a number of ED patients who had a history of congestive heart failure. Men who take heart medications can continue to take them alongside our ED treatments. Moreover, our treatments provide long-term solutions for ED unlike “Little blue pills”.




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