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Erectile Dysfunction & COPD

Living with a chronic disease, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), not only upsets normal daily life, but can also cause a deterioration in libido and sexual intercourse leading to Erectile Dysfunction.

Whilst the treatments available via your local NHS for ED are limited, MansMatters employ the most advanced technology in the world to treat and reverse ED in our private clinics.




If you have developed ED, we have a number of treatments that can help you overcome this.

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COPD and Intimacy

Men living with COPD know that it is a treatable disorder and occurs as a result of long-term exposure to harmful particles or gases (mainly cigarette smoke), leading to an increased inflammatory response in the airways. If the disorder has been caused by smoking, giving this up is a priority otherwise there will be a worsening of respiratory function.

A satisfactory erection is one of the main characteristics of a healthy and pleasurable sex life. Generally, in Europe, about 30% of men aged 40 to 79 years report suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and the percentage increases as they grow older.

With men suffering from COPD research has shown a much higher rate of ED – roughly between 70% to 90% – a very severe rate leading to dreadful erectile function.




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What COPD Patients can Do to Improve Their Sex Life

Men with COPD can hope to have an improved sex life if they manage their COPD properly. To manage this condition, one should seek medical treatment and take medication.

  • Flu vaccines can improve the condition of COPD in patients.
  • Moreover, learning to control breathing, exercising regularly, quitting, smoking, preserving energy and avoiding lung irritants such as dust, smoke, pet dander etc can greatly improve one's sex life as well as general day-to-day life.
  • COPD patients should also make dietary changes and consume foods that have high quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, potassium, and healthy fats.
  • On the contrary, patients with COPD should avoid eating too much salt, deep fried foods and other types of food that can cause gas and indigestion.





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Link Between COPD and ED

One of the main reasons why COPD patients tend to suffer from ED more is suspected to be due to hypoxemia.

  • Hypoxemia is a condition which is defined by a low oxygen level in the blood.
  • Hypoxemia can also cause hypoxia, which is defined by a decreased level of tissue oxygenation.
  • Men with COPD tend to have a lower level of oxygen in the blood. This reduced level of oxygen in the blood can lead to hypoxia, which in turn can cause a significant reduction of Nitric Oxide (NO) synthase activity.
  • Due to the decreased level of nitric oxide, smooth muscles of corpus cavernosum may not relax enough and ultimately this can lead to ED.
  • Men with COPD can also suffer from a decreased testosterone hormone level, which is also a known risk factor for ED.




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Smoking, COPD and ED

Among the various causes of COPD, such as genetics, fumes, dust and chemicals in various work environments, smoking is probably the most common one. Moreover, smoking has also been identified as a major risk factor for ED. Smoking can cause blood vessels to narrow, decrease the Nitric Oxide level and reduce the testosterone hormone level in men. All these factors can lead to ED.

Moreover, smoking can also contribute to the onset of other conditions such as, diabetes and high blood pressure, which also increases the risk of the development of ED in men.

Men with COPD who bite the bullet and give up smoking may find that it takes a while for their libido and sexual function to restore to satisfactory levels as the body repairs itself. This is why we recommend a course of Shockwave therapy combined with EMTT (hyperlink: https://www.mansmatters.co.uk/shockwave-therapy-for-erectile-dysfunction/  ) since generally this will accelerate the recovery of their ability to enjoy sexual intercourse again without having to resort to ‘little blue pills'.






How Our Treatments Work

Our focused shockwave therapy uses special acoustic waves to generate new blood vessels in the penis. These special waves can also break down fatty deposits inside the blood vessels.

With new and improved blood vessels improved oxygen rich blood can flow into the penile tissues. Blood flow in the penis can further increase when we use our Extracorporeal MagnetoTransduction Therapy (EMTT). This therapy uses a powerful magnetic field, focusing on endothelial cells of the penis to enhance the flow of nutrients between the cells.

The effectiveness of these treatments increases significantly when they are used simultaneously. By using these modern non-invasive treatments, we have been able to treat thousands of ED patients successfully.




Erectile Dysfunction & COPD FAQs

Can COPD Cause Sexual Dysfunction in Men?

COPD not only causes problems in normal day-to-day life but can also damage a man’s sex life and their ability to enjoy sexual intercourse.

Is ED Common in Men Who Have COPD?

Research has shown that ED is fairly common in men who have COPD. It’s suspected that approximately 70-90% of men who suffer from COPD, experience ED as well.

How Does COPD Occur?

COPD is a lung disease, which causes breathing difficulties due to restricted airflow. It occurs due to the long-term exposure to harmful particles. Smoking is known to be one of the most common causes of COPD. Due to smoking, blood vessels can get constricted and blood flow in the penile tissues can get impaired, which can ultimately result in ED.

How Can I Cope with COPD?

If you are suffering from COPD then make sure to consult a medical professional and follow his/her advice. You can also follow some other tips to improve your general day-to-day life as well as your sex life. Exercising regularly, giving up smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, learning to control your breathing, etc. can help you improve the symptoms of your COPD and your daily life.

Will Treating COPD Improve Erectile Function in Men?

Yes, but it might take a while. If smoking is the root cause of COPD, then giving up smoking will surely improve both COPD and the ED condition. But the positive impact on erectile function may not be felt right immediately. Some men may require more time to experience improved erectile function after quitting smoking. It really depends on the severity of COPD and ED. Moreover, if there are other causes of ED present alongside with COPD, then treating just COPD may not be enough to get improved erectile function.




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