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Penile Vacuum pumps for PD.

Men’s Sexual Health & Penile Vacuum Pumps

Penile vacuum pump therapy using a Vacuum Erection Device (VED) has been used for many years for men suffering partial Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It is now also used as a therapeutic option for men with certain types of Peyronie’s Disease.

In simple terms, in order for a man to have an erection, his penis needs to fill with blood. But for men with erectile problems this doesn’t happen or not to the degree where the man can have a sustainable erection. A penile vacuum pump can be used to create an artificial erection sufficient to enable sex.

It works very simply a man inserts his penis into the long hollow tube of the penis pump which is vacuum sealed at entry. He can then pump air out of the space around the penis, creating a vacuum and drawing blood up through the penis until it is erect.

There are some benefits to erectile function in that that a penile pump brings healthy blood into the penis. But this is very limited, and a penile pump is more often used to create an artificial erection before commencing sex. After withdrawing the penis from the vacuum pump, a band needs to be applied at the base of the penis to hold the blood in until it can be discarded after intercourse is complete.

Penis pumps are also used by men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease (PD). With PD, sophisticated traction devices are generally prescribed in order to ‘train the curve’ so that the penis is becomes less bent.

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Types of Penile Vacuum Pumps

There are various types of Penile vacuum pumps. The most common is an Air Pump which draws blood in the penis through a vacuum seal created by air as described above. This type of penis pump is usually inexpensive. Other types include Water Pumps or Hydro Pumps that use water pressure to aid in the erection process; Manual Pumps, where men can control the pressure in the cylinder by squeezing a bulb located on the end of a hose and, Electric Pumps which work in the same way but are battery operated.

It’s important to note that although there are a wide range of penis pumps available, not all are recommended by the medical professionals, but sometimes suggested by doctors to provide mental peace of mind to the user. Some pumps are marketed as sex aids, rather than medical devices and range in quality and effectiveness.

One of the best penis pumps recommended by many healthcare providers  and, by ourselves as well, is the Soma Erect Pump. It comes with both manual and battery-operated pump heads and is one of the most effective and risk-free penis pumps available. We usually suggest this penis pump to our patients as well.  

Effectiveness of Penile Vacuum Pumps

Usually, penile vacuum pumps are very effective in aiding men with getting a strong erection and, a man can use these them even if he is undertaking other ED treatments. But it’s important to note that, if they are not used correctly then damage can be caused to the penis creating penile pain and bruising. That’s why it’s very important to know how to use these penis pumps correctly.

Penile Pumps for Peyronie’s Disease

Penile pumps can be used in conjunction with shockwave therapy, where the Peyronie’s Plaque is indented. Only specialist penis pumps are suitable for PD, and these should be prescribed by a practitioner who specialises in this condition.

A huge number of our patients have expressed satisfaction after benefiting from the combined use of penile vacuum pumps and our modern treatment protocols such as Extracorporeal MagnetoTransduction Therapy (EMTT) and NanoVi.

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Penile Vacuum Pumps FAQ's

Penile vacuum pumps are devices that aid men in getting erections. Some penile pumps are used as a sex aid, while others are used as a treatment method for men who struggle to get an erect penis.

Penile vacuum pumps work by creating a vacuum around the penis allowing blood to be pulled into it and providing an erection. Once this is achieved a constriction ring must be applied to the base of the penis to sustain the erection.

Yes, but they do not all work in the same way, and some are marketed by sex shops and catalogues as sex aids. Some of the cheaper penis pumps are often not suitable as a viable treatment option.

Some penile vacuum pumps are effective in facilitating erections and many men who struggle to obtain an erection find that they benefit by using these devices and they are easy to use. However, the drawback is that do not allow for spontaneous sexual intercourse as the penis needs to be prepared to make it sufficiently rigid to enable penetration. Many men and their partners find this off-putting.

Penile vacuum pumps can be used as a therapy option to train penile curvature and slowly minimise it. However, not all types of penis pumps are suitable for PD. As PD is a complex issue, only penis pumps which are recommended by specialists should be used.

Several of our patients have experienced positive results after using penis pumps alongside our treatment protocols. We first evaluate our patient’s condition carefully and then recommend penis pumps to those who we feel may benefit through these. We believe that the best pump on the market is the Soma Erect Pump for ED.