Medical Dietary Guidance

MANSMATTERS is the first clinic in the UK to provide a successful holistic erectile dysfunction treatment using ground breaking non-invasive shockwave therapy, combined with psychosexual counselling a sexual function exercise programme and medical dietary guidance.

The programme is the first non-invasive treatment of its kind that can provide longer term, natural improvements and is suitable for both men at early and later stages of ED

Medical Dietary Guidance

Food is the fuel that feeds the body and can directly impact both the general health and the longer term functioning of the vascular system and flow of blood to the penis. Whilst diet is neither the cause nor cure for erectile dysfunction it plays an important part in the programme in achieving additional percentage gains.

Our medical dietician undertakes comprehensive diagnoses of current diet, eating habits and nutrition problems and uses their expert knowledge in the science of nutrition to help patients to make educated decisions about their food choices and lifestyle.
Modification to your diet and eating habits will contribute to the long term benefits of the programme.

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