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Over the last 10-years at MansMatters we have treated over 5,000 men with Erectile Dysfunction and helped them overcome their sexual problems.

Many hadn’t had an erection for years and were delighted that after treatment they could enjoy rigid erections once again.

Others visited us at the insistence of their partners who could no longer endure a non-functioning penis and, were unable to enjoy spontaneous sexual relations. Many of these partners spoke to us first and after finding out more about the treatment persuaded their partners to come to see us. All of them were overjoyed at the eventual outcome.

While the NHS and private practices almost always say that invasive surgery, or a diet of little blue pills is the only solution – we know better. That’s because we have invested huge sums in technology that will help beat Erectile Dysfunction, PLUS, through treating so many patients over the years we have built treatment protocols that no other clinic can possibly match. We’ll share these with you when we talk with you. Other clinics are years behind us, and you will be receiving treatment that is really second to none!

If you are unsure about booking treatment, here’s a special deal we think you’ll find impossible to refuse and that no other clinic will offer you.

Contact us today for a confidential FREE 20-minute online consultation with an experienced medical professional – without any obligation to proceed further.

He will talk to you about your intimate problems, explain how we conduct our treatments and answer any questions you may have.

We have treated men from all over the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, including doctors and other health professionals. It’s your turn to join them now and discover an enjoyable sex life once again.

Read some of the glowing testimonials our previous clients have written after treatment.

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What happens next? We will be in touch with you within 24-hours – Monday to Friday. If you call late on Friday or at the weekend a medical professional will contact, you on Monday. We will either get in touch with you by email to find a mutually agreeable time for the consultation or by phone to discover your availability.

While you are waiting for you consultation you might like to discover a little more about us. We have the most comprehensive website devoted to ED in the world, so please take time to visit our website where you will find over 70-pages of information about treating ED. You can also watch our four minute Explainer Video or any of the 13 specialist videos in our Video Library.