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Erectile Dysfunction and Nutrition

It’s hard to go a day without the importance of healthy eating being on the news; fast foods, sweets, fizzy drinks, ice creams, burgers and pizza are BAD while green vegetables, whole grain bread and fruit are GOOD.

For many people in their youth, they are simply able to absorb a bad diet, burning off junk carbs and calories, with impunity and without any noticeable side effects.

But as we got older our bodies start to complain and we notice the difference. The majority of people fret about the way they look, especially their waistline and many suffer medical complications because of what they eat or have eaten.

But what effect does nutrition play on your sexual performance?

There is a direct correlation between a poor diet and the onset of erectile dysfunction.

Having an erection is dependent on a healthy vascular system. In simple terms that is the system that carries your blood around your body delivering nutrients and oxygen to the body tissues and removing waste matter.

The same system carries an avalanche of blood to your penis causing an erection. Blood vessels can be damaged and impaired with a poor diet damaging the lining of blood vessels, known as the Endothelium. The Endothelium produces nitric oxide, which allows penile blood vessels to relax and allow greater blood to flow into the penis.

Over time, poor diet causes this lining to lose its elasticity and blood vessels become narrower with fatty deposits and plaque. As a result, many men will no longer get full erections. This doesn’t happen overnight, but over a sustained period of time.

So, in short Erectile Dysfunction and Nutrition go hand-in-hand and can be a substantial factor in accelerating the onset of erectile dysfunction.

Foods That Help You Stay Erect

A Mediterranean diet has been associated with a lower incidence of erectile dysfunction. Ensuring you’re getting regular exercise can also help prevent it. As a general rule too much red meat, highly processed animal foods like bacon, fatty foods and junk carbohydrates are going to increase your chances of erectile dysfunction, whereas highly nutritious, plant foods like broccoli and berries, rich in antioxidants, and unrefined foods will promote the health of blood vessels and nitric oxide.

Seeing a change in ED after altering your diet depends on the individual, their age, and other aspects of their lifestyle such as, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or drug use.

If you don’t see a change, please seek the advice of your GP or a specialist ED clinic

For men with an impaired vascular system and suffering erectile dysfunction, focused shockwave therapy is a proven method to repair and rejuvenate blood vessels and nerve tissues. 

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