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Erectile dysfunction & migraines.

Erectile Dysfunction & Migraines

Men suffering with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are 63% more likely to also have been given a diagnosis of migraine headaches than men without ED.

One likely explanation for the link may be the chronic pain associated with migraine headaches. The association between ED and migraine is especially strong in younger men aged in their 30s.

Migraines and other types of headaches can affect libido and sexual function, especially during painful episodes, while some people find that sex can relieve migraine.

One possible explanation for the problem is the role of dopamine, once known as the main chemical of pleasure, and researchers believe this plays a role in both migraine and sexual functions. And another explanation may be that there are side effects from some drugs taken for migraine and these may cause ED.

Increased Libido With Migraines

Strangely a 2006 study published in the journal Headache found that some men who have recurrent migraines, might actually have an increased sex drive and a stronger desire for sexual intercourse.

This may be because men who suffer from chronic migraines tend to have low levels of serotonin, which modulates mood and pain. Sexual satisfaction often increases levels of serotonin, and scientists suggest that a biological need to replenish this neurotransmitter may be behind the increased sex drive reported by migraine sufferers.

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