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Erectile dysfunction blue pills.

Erectile Dysfunction & Blue Pills

Blue pills have changed how both men and women view erectile dysfunction. It has made erectile dysfunction a mainstream topic. Prior to Blue pill availability, men who couldn’t get erections were described as impotent, a word that was then liberally used to describe people that were failures in other parts of their lives, or unable to have the strength or power to make decisions. The message to most sufferers was clear. If you can’t get a proper erection, you are not a real man.

But Blue pills changed all that. Whilst few men would admit having erectile dysfunction problems, many were happy to report that Blue pills could seriously enhance their male prowess and sexual abilities in bed.

The surprising thing about Blue pills was that they were never intended to be a drug to treat erectile dysfunction…it happened purely by chance. The medical scientists who developed the blue pills were testing for a cure for cardio-vascular diseases not erectile dysfunction.

It started 25 years ago at the Pfizer research laboratories in Sandwich, Kent. Scientists there discovered certain chemical compounds were useful in treating heart problems such as chest pains and angina.  During subsequent clinical trials they found that the drug had very little effect on angina. But a totally unexpected side effect of this medicine was observed. It could improve and sustain a man’s erection. Much of the rest is history and today, blue pills are one of the best used drugs to treat ED worldwide.

Virtually all patients that have developed Erectile dysfunction over time have been prescribed blue pills. But they and the equivalent tablets only play a limited role in erectile dysfunction. The pills work on the vascular system: your arteries, veins, and blood vessels. It opens up all these blood vessels, so that more blood can rush, much more quickly into the penis. A normal man requires twenty times the normal blood to become fully erect. 

The Declining Effect of Blue Pills & The Alternative

One of the issues is that men taking blue pills and the alternatives find they become less effective over time just like any other drug and if your body becomes reliant on it, the bodily function becomes less efficient. We treat many men at Mansmatters who have previously heavily relied on pills and now find that they no longer works and that their problems are getting worse.

So, if pills are having their limitations, what are the other options? The most advanced option in the market today is the use of extracorporeal focused shockwave therapy combined with extracorporeal magneto transduction therapy

The whole success of an erection depends on enough blood flowing into and staying in the penis.

Shockwave therapy when applied to the penis, will break up fatty deposits that clog up your blood vessels. It also creates totally new blood vessels. The more blood vessels and the more open the blood vessels, the more blood will flow into your penis and the better and harder your erections will be.

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