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Erectile dysfunction and asthma.

Erectile Dysfunction & Asthma

Many medications have an adverse effect on Erectile Dysfunction. That’s why our experts advise that asthma patients consult their doctor and also approach us if they are having problems with sexual intercourse as it may be as a result of their asthma or another indication of poor health.

Recent research has looked at whether asthma decreases sexual desire or whether sexual activity induces asthma. But current surveys show that very often people find that their illness interferes with their sex lives, often because the physical exertion of making love makes them start wheezing.

A five-year research study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine has shown that asthma could be a cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and the risk has been shown to increase with the severity of  the asthma. Almost twice as many men with asthma suffered from ED compared with a control group.

Focused shockwave therapy works on the vascular system creating new blood vessels, regenerating existing ones, and substantially improving the nerve and other surrounding tissues, enabling you to achieve natural erections without the aid of pills or other methods that interfere with foreplay.

If you suffer from asthma and ED, we recommend you contact us for an initial discussion about your problems before booking an appointment at our clinic – please take a moment to complete the contact form below and we will get back to you quickly.