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Erectile dysfunction and smoking.

Erectile Dysfunction & Smoking

You’d have to live on a desert Island not to be aware of the health risks of smoking. In fact, every packet of cigarettes in the UK carries a health warning by law.

But very little is discussed about the dramatic link between moderate smoking and Erectile Dysfunction. Male smokers are a whopping 40% more likely to develop erectile dysfunction than non-smokers. More worryingly if they develop ED, they develop it at a much, much earlier age.

So, let’s consider what happens when you fully inhale a cigarette. In a single puff, around 5000, alien chemical substances enter your body. Within less than 10 seconds, these substances enter your blood stream and nicotine triggers Dopamine and endorphins, creating pleasure to your brain.

But the pleasure felt is acutely balanced by the havoc caused elsewhere in your blood stream, not just in your penis, but throughout your body.

Your body is full of blood vessels which carry valuable nutrients to feed your body. These blood vessels also play a crucial role in having erections. They dilute and expand to allow a rush of blood into the penis, which causes it to become hard and erect.

The nicotine and other chemicals damage the endothelium lining of each blood vessels, both hardening and thickening them and restricting their ability to expand and contract. The chemicals further cause blood vessels to narrow causing plaque and blockages. So, without fully functioning blood vessels in your penis, your ability to have a substantial erection will decline until you can no longer enjoy penetrative sex.

Erectile Dysfunction and Smoking – The Good News

The good news for smokers is that the body is resilient. Whilst long term damage can be done, the body will fight to recover within hours of you quitting smoking for good.

We know that the average smoker tries to quit smoking 10-times, before they finally succeed, at which time they may need some help.

For men that have quit smoking and suffer erectile dysfunction, focused shockwave therapy is a proven method to repair and generate new blood vessels and rejuvenate nerve tissues. This allows them to enjoy spontaneous erections and enjoy satisfactory sexual intercourse once again.

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