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Erectile dysfunction and new relationships.

Erectile Dysfunction & New Relationships

They say life begins at 40…or possibly even 50. Many of us are living longer and healthier lives and try to cling onto our youth. Being middle aged at 35 when the Biblical lifespan was three score years and ten, doesn’t seem right anymore.

In fact, many men in this age group may find themselves looking for a new relationship. With 42% of UK marriages ending in divorce it is not uncommon for men in this this ‘new middle age bracket’ to start dating again. And If all goes well develop a long term and fulfilling relationship.

And it has never been easier…no longer do you have to be the odd one out, hanging around in bars, or have over-zealous friends trying to pair you off in excruciatingly circumstances at dinner parties. Internet dating has opened up a whole new world of opportunity. And there is someone out there for everyone. Well almost everyone.

But the dread of many men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, is that they won’t live up to expectations. Whilst sex is only one aspect of a successful relationship and may not be as important to some partners as when they were younger, how on earth do you put on your web profile that you suffer from ED?

While 18% of 50-59 year olds have trouble getting an erection, 7% of 18-29 year olds are also affected, so their new relationships can be affected as well.

Living with ED can add a layer of needless anxiety to your first-time with a new partner. How do you break the news to a new partner that you are unable to have sex? Most men are simply unable to and then resign themselves to a life without another partner…this is a tragedy of immense proportions.

The sad thing is that the vast majority of men could experience satisfying sex again if they had proper treatments and took proper advice from a specialist Erectile Dysfunction clinic. Treatment options range from Viagra and injections through to penile implants. This is where a prosthetic, with silicon tubes running up the inside of your penis allows you to generate an instant erection. You can create these erections, right through to the day you take your last living breath.

At Mansmatters we don’t prescribe Viagra or recommend and undertake invasive surgical operations.

Instead, we specialise in leading edge focused shockwave therapy. Shockwave therapy is the most advanced non-invasive ED treatment in the world. In simple terms it uses special shockwaves, that travel at the speed of 1500 metres a second. These stimulate the growth of totally new and better blood vessels in your penis, enabling a far greater surge of blood into it, allowing you to enjoy fuller, harder, spontaneous, and longer lasting natural erections.

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