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Erectile Dysfunction and Irritable Bowel Disease

IBD is a lifechanging condition for men and it can have a big impact on their sexual relationships and erectile function. But there have been some amazing technological breakthroughs including Focused ShockWave Therapy, EMMT Therapy and the Tesla chair that enable help sufferers overcome their problems and normalise their sex life.

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Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) is a common gastric condition affecting many men in the UK and the rest of the world. It is a chronic disease divided into two types: Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis that targets the digestive tract and leads to fatigue, weight loss, abdominal pain, frequent bowel movements, incontinence, and other issues

IBD is generally diagnosed between ages 15 to 40, a time when many men are in intimate relationships and in the case of younger men initiating them.

Researchers have shown that there is a high prevalence of sexual dysfunction including Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as a result of the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of IBD in addition to the treatments used to manage the condition.

  • IBD Emotional Issues  – Patients suffer from embarrassment about both the disease and its symptoms, influencing their attitude towards, starting new relationships, or becoming intimate due to being anxious about issues which may occur during sexual intercourse.
  • IBD Physical Issues – IBD often leaves men with little energy for sex due to the chronic fatigue they frequently suffer.
  • IBD Psychological Issues – Men with IBD are often prone to depression while anxiety can affect sex drive as well as performance.
  • IBD Treatment Issues – Taking prescription drugs such as corticosteroids can lead to mood swings, damaging one’s body image, and adding to persistent fatigue issues.

How to Improve Sex Life If You Have IBD 

It’s evident that men with IBD face more troubles in maintaining a healthy sex life. Among many surveys, one recent research program revealed that men with IBD have 1.64 fold higher chance of suffering from ED than others.

However, the sex life of IBD patients can be improved. If you are suffering from IBD, then first of all make sure to consult with specialised healthcare professionals and seek proper treatments. You also need to have an open communication with your partner and figure out other ways to be intimate with them. Eat a healthier diet, quit smoking, try to destress. These techniques will help you improve your sex life if you have IBD.

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Medications to Overcome ED

According to a study published by the American Journal of Gastroenterology in September 2018, men with IBD are significantly more likely to use medications to overcome their ED compared to men without Inflammatory Bowel disease. Often these medications will include ‘little blue pills’ enabling a man to get a satisfactory erection despite their emotional, physical, or psychological problems.

One of the problems with taking ‘little blue pills’ is that their effect can wane over time, so a man may no longer be able to achieve an erection strong enough for penetrative sex despite the brain telling him that he wants to engage in intercourse. At MansMatters our combination of therapies including Shockwave treatment has been developed to overcome the problem, by increasing blood and nutrient flow through the penis allowing for hard erections to be achieved once more.

Our Treatment Protocols for ED

Besides shockwave therapy, our treatment protocols consist of other revolutionary non-invasive treatments like Extracorporeal MagnetoTransduction Therapy (EMTT), FMS, Tesla Chair and NanoVi technology. All of these treatments are perfectly compatible with shockwave therapy and will provide a better result when used in conjunction with it.

EMTT therapy utilises a strong magnetic field in the endothelial cells of the penis to increase the intercellular communication, to further improve the vascular blood flow inside the penis. NanoVi technology helps repair the cell damage and DNA of those cells, strengthens the immune system and promotes the overall health of the penis without using any harmful chemicals. FMS on the other hand uses electro-magnetic energy to stimulate the deep muscle structures which enables muscles to get tighter, bigger, and stronger.

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Erectile Dysfunction and Irritable Bowel Disease FAQs

IBD can cause sexual dysfunction in men and damage their sex life as well as their general day-to-day life. IBD can cause sexual dysfunction in men due to emotional issues, psychological issues, and physical issues.

There are mainly two types of IBD. These are Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Crohn’s disease may cause inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Whereas Ulcerative Colitis causes inflammation and ulceration in the colon and rectum.

Both Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis can cause various physical and psychological issues, which can contribute to the development of sexual dysfunction in men. So, it can be said that both types of IBD can be responsible for male sexual dysfunction.

Researchers have found a strong association between ED and IBD. One study has shown that approximately 94% of men who suffer from IBD, also suffer from ED. Lack of sex drive, body image issues, fatigue, depression, and anxiety associated with IBD can all be responsible for the development of ED.

Certain IBD medications can also be responsible for the development of ED. IBD medication such as corticosteroids can cause mood swings, fatigue and body image issues which can ultimately induce ED.

Sex with IBD can be difficult. However, with proper management of this disease and by following some techniques, one can hope to lead a healthy sex life. For example, you need to communicate with your partner freely, as open, and honest communication can bring partners closer. Learn relaxation techniques and explore other ways to be intimate with your partner. By following such techniques, you can strengthen the bond your partner and lead a happy love-life.

Is ED in Patients With IBD Treatable?

ED can definitely be treated even if the patient has IBD. Nowadays, there are a wide range of ED treatments available to help men, even if they suffer from IBD. But before undertaking any sort of treatments for ED, one should always consult a healthcare professional or a specialised ED clinic like MansMatters. At MansMatters, we have treated a number of ED patients who also had IBD with our revolutionary treatment protocols.

Men with IBD often resort to taking “little blue pills” to treat their ED. And in the short-term these pills can be effective. But we don’t recommend our ED patients to take such pills as a long-term solution as they become less effective the longer you take them

The treatments that we provide to treat ED in IBD patients are extremely effective. Our treatments are completely non-invasive and pose no negative consequences whatsoever. Unlike “little blue pills”, our treatments are capable of providing long-term solutions for ED.