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Erectile dysfunction and haemophilia.

Erectile Dysfunction & Haemophilia

If you suffer from haemophilia, you will know that it is a genetic, life-threatening blood disorder affecting your body’s ability to make blood clots that help prevent excessive bleeding.

With safe factor replacement therapy and effective antiviral treatments for co-infections people suffering with haemophilia can nowadays experience a nearly normal life span. As a result, a number of age-related issues are beginning to emerge among patients with haemophilia.

One of these health issues in older males is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and affects around 40% of these men, especially those who have been, or are, long term smokers, have high blood pressure and high levels of homocysteine (an amino acid linked to blood vessel inflammation).

A study into this titled “Erectile dysfunction in patients with haemophilia,” was published in the magazine Haemophilia.

In the study, researchers looked at the incidence and risk factors for ED in a group of men with haemophilia. They researched clinical information to investigate potential risk factors for ED, including previous surgeries, viral infections, certain types of medications, and risk of heart disease.  They also looked at Hyperaemic Velocity Time Integral (VTI). This is the speed at which blood circulates and is important as good blood flow into the penis is crucial in achieving and maintaining an erection.

There are a number of other risk factors for sexual dysfunction in the haemophilic population. These include a history of bleeding from the iliopsoas muscle) during intercourse and the impact of chronic pain on libido and sexual positions.

Until recently the only solution to overcome ED was to resort to taking ‘little blue pills’. These thin the blood and allow it to flow more easily into the penis allowing penetrative sex to take place. You should consulate your specialist or GP if you are a haemophiliac before taking these pills.

The alternative is a course of Shockwave Therapy which will restore normal blood flow through the penis and allow you, and your partner, to enjoy spontaneous sexual relations once again.

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