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Erectile Dysfunction and Drug Abuse.

Erectile Dysfunction and Drug Abuse

Although alcohol is the main ‘drug’ responsible for having a detrimental effect on sexual performance, marijuana, cocaine, and other recreational drugs can cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED) by damaging blood vessels. These drugs can also restrict blood flow to the penis and a good flow of blood to the penis is crucial in getting and maintaining an erection that will allow you to enjoy penetrative sex.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, reported that 36.4% of male drug abusers suffered from ED as well as finding it more difficult to achieve a satisfactory orgasm.

Cocaine and Erectile Dysfunction

There’s a common misconception that cocaine acts as an aphrodisiac, but studies show that it can actually link to problems with ejaculation.

Initially, men using cocaine boast about the positive sexual side effects, increased quality and duration of intercourse and more pleasurable orgasms. This is because when cocaine is used it increases the levels of dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine in the bloodstream. Dopamine is the chemical messenger most responsible for pleasure including plays sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

However, these positive effects will diminish over time as tolerance develops and the user finds they must use more cocaine to achieve the same effect. It has been found that long-term cocaine use can cause the following sexual side effects:

  • Decreased blood flow to the penis
  • Diminished libido
  • Loss of sensation during intercourse
  • Premature ejaculation

A healthy erection depends on the ability of the penile blood vessels to relax and fill with blood. Cocaine prevents this relaxation by tightening and constricting the blood vessels. Additionally, prolonged high levels of dopamine will blunt the brain’s ability to respond to sexual stimulation.

Other Recreational Drugs and Erectile Dysfunction

  • Amphetamines – can cause blood vessels to narrow, preventing enough blood from reaching the penis
  • Barbiturates – which often decrease interest in sex
  • Marijuana – which may increase sexual desire but prevent smooth muscle in your penis from relaxing to let enough blood flow in
  • Additionally Alcohol abuse can also be recognised as an ED issue

Can the Sexual Side Effects of Drug Addiction Be Reversed?

Researchers have recently discovered that men who have a history of substance abuse may not be able to regain their former level of sexual performance as was once thought.

The study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that damage, especially from cocaine abuse seems to be permanent. Illicit drug male abusers were prone to have ED, decreased sexual desire, and increased ejaculation latency. ED and decreased sexual desire were most commonly seen in heroin, followed by amphetamine and MDMA (Ecstasy) users, while increased ejaculation latency occurred commonly in all of the abusers.

At MansMatters we have a successful history of helping men with erectile problems regaining their mojo allowing them to overcome erectile dysfunction and enjoy sexual relationships again.

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