Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

The majority of men who have diabetes will eventually develop erectile dysfunction. Whether you are type 1 or type 2, Erectile Dysfunction is a significant risk factor for diabetes sufferers.

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing health threat of our times. Since 1996, the number of people living with diabetes has more than doubled and as a direct result the number of men with erectile dysfunction has skyrocketed.

If you are a diabetic and also overweight or have poor blood sugar control, then the risk multiplies many times.

Up to 75% of men suffering from diabetes will experience some degree of erectile dysfunction over the course of their lifetime.

And men who have diabetes are thought to develop erectile dysfunction between 10 and 15 years earlier than men who do not suffer from the disease. When men aged 45 and under develop ED, it may be a sign of type 2 diabetes.

Diabetics suffer a double whammy of medical conditions. First, diabetes effects the nerves and many diabetics start noticing this in the extremes of our body, like having less sensation in the feet and hands. Also effected are the nerves that help the blood vessels create an erection.

Secondly diabetes causes vascular problems, as fatty plaque builds up in blood vessels, restricting the flow. This is exactly what happens in the penis and unlike other parts of the body, the penis is designed to expend with twenty times as much blood at erection time.

Don’t Ignore Erectile Dysfunction – It’s Treatable!

Many men seek treatment from their family doctor, who may not be familiar with the range of treatment options. A specialist may be a better choice. Specialists include urologists and doctors practicing at ED clinics.

Many diabetics find that oral medications like Viagra (sildenafil citrate, made by Pfizer), Levitra (vardenafil HCl, made by Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline), and Cialis (tadalafil, made by Eli Lilly). The three are chemically very similar, and all have proven effective. Because they are effective, convenient these medicines have become the treatment of choice for many men experiencing ED.

The main difference among the three is in how long they last. Viagra is supposed to work for between 30 minutes and four hours; Levitra for 30 minutes to two hours, and Cialis for up to 36 hours. Viagra is slightly less effective if taken with food and can also cause temporary colour vision abnormalities.

One of the issues with these pills is that sometimes they only work partially or that after a few years of taking them they become less effective.

Many then have the choice of starting invasive treatments like injections in the penis or go the full way and have surgical implants.

But with all the advances in medical science there is there another less drastic and more effective way.

The answer for many diabetics is YES…you can embark on a programme of shockwave therapy.

Shockwave is a groundbreaking erectile dysfunction medical therapy that uses special soundwaves to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and new nerve tissues in your penis and break up the debilitating fatty plaque. This enables more and better blood flow to the penis. As a result, many men can discover pleasurable and satisfying sex again. It is natural, pain free and brings permanent benefit.

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