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Erectile dysfunction and arthritis.

Erectile Dysfunction and Arthritis

Men with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) are usually much more likely to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), especially if they have severe arthritis or have a coexisting heart disease.

The progressive joint destruction that arthritis patients suffer from can lead to various degrees of disability and has an acute impact on many aspects of their life including not just their libido but their ability to enjoy sexual intercourse. Joint pain and fatigue can make physical intimacy challenging and unpleasant.

One study found that 56% of arthritis patients reported that their condition placed limitations on as many as 76% of the arthritis patients questioned, while many patients say that anxiety or stress causes by their disease made them feel like not participating in sex and diminished their sexual satisfaction over time compared to their pre-disease levels.

These psychological issues suffered by RA patients are difficult to overcome, although sharing the problems with their partner can help and it is equally important that they understand the issues of arthritis pain and fatigue.

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Another way RA patients can suffer from ED is due to Rheumatoid Arthritis-induced endothelial dysfunction. Men with RA can develop endothelial dysfunction, a key risk factor for ED. While another medical condition considered to be a common comorbidity of RA is hypertension. Men with RA usually suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure), a major cause of ED in many men worldwide. Read this from the Journal of Rheumatology. (1)

Men with RA may have reduced levels of energy due to fatigue or pain in their joints. As physical intimacy requires physical activity, many men with RA may decide to abandon their previous sexual relationships. Besides, intercourse releases endorphins and can help with pain relief, so sometimes it should be tried.

Even so, your sex life can improve if you suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis. By having an honest and open discussion with your partner regarding your problems you can help overcome them. You can try to conserve your energy for the occasions when you feel up for it or try other forms of intimacy. By bonding with your partner through emotional, spiritual, and non-physical intimacy, you can hope to improve your relationships.

Some patients find that changing their usual sexual position(s) and finding new ones can help, especially with patients with RA in their back. While there are some patients who find that using ‘little blue pills’ for their ED also offers some relief to their Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, many users of pills find that their effect wanes over time and they struggle once more to achieve an erection strong enough for penetrative sex.

For men that need more than little blue pills, we recommend a combination of focussed Shockwave therapy and our other specialist treatments. Shockwave therapy will revitalise the flow of blood to the penis and there are indications that the therapy will also help patients suffering with arthralgia who have been on disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs for longer than three months many of whom have been able to stop taking analgesics completely, while others have been able to reduce their dosage.

Extracorporeal MagnetoTransduction Therapy (EMTT) is another effective ED treatment. We offer this in combination with the shockwave therapy. EMTT utilises a strong magnetic field at various power levels to accelerate the healing procedure of the sexual function of men. This therapy works in the endothelial cells level, which are vital for the energy production and nutrients transmission inside the millions of blood vessels of the penis.

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Erectile Dysfunction and Arthritis FAQ's

There is a strong connection between Erectile Dysfunction and arthritis, although at first glance both of these issues may seem unrelated. Many researchers have studied and pointed out the association between these two issues. Men who have arthritis are more vulnerable to suffer from ED than those who are healthy and do not have arthritis.

There is no guarantee that if you have arthritis, then you will definitely suffer from ED. But nevertheless, there is a strong possibility that you might. Many men with arthritis have reported that they suffered from ED as well.

Arthritis can negatively affect the sex life of a man in several ways. Due to arthritis, a man can suffer from immense anxiety and stress, which in turn can lower his sex drive. A sound state of mind is essential for proper erectile function in men. Moreover, joint pain and fatigue caused by arthritis can also decrease the desire to perform physical activity which is required in order to enjoy satisfactory sexual intimacy.

Arthritis patients are more vulnerable to suffering from ED because of the increased stress and anxiety associated with arthritis. Due to stress and anxiety, achieving and sustaining strong erections becomes increasingly difficult. Moreover, arthritis can cause endothelial dysfunction, which is a major cause of ED.

It can be possible for a man with arthritis to improve his sex life by having an honest and open discussion with his partner about his problems. Trying different sex position may also help on some couples. In short, by openly discussing with their partner about what works and what doesn’t work, and by trying out different forms and techniques of intimacy, a man with arthritis can significantly improve his sex life.

You normally start to experience the benefits of undergoing shockwave therapy after undergoing just a few sessions. Shockwave is the core non-invasive solution to resolving ED in the long term.

Yes. Shockwave therapy is an extremely safe treatment procedure, and it is safe even for an arthritic patient. Shockwave therapy does not have any major side-effects. So, men who have arthritis can also undergo this ED therapy without any concern.

EMTT is very effective in improving the erectile function in men. This therapy works in the endothelial cells level which are essential for proper blood flow in the blood vessels. EMTT can also be used in a combination with shockwave therapy and in that scenario, the effectiveness of this therapy increases significantly.

Yes. Numerous men with arthritis have contacted us and have received our revolutionary non-invasive treatments for their ED. Thankfully, we have been successful in improving their erectile function and enabling them to enjoy a satisfactory sex life once again.