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Erectile dysfunction and alcohol.

Erectile Dysfunction & Alcohol

Do you love a drink? Are you just a social drinker or are you aware that your alcohol consumption is way above the recommended medical guidelines, and may have been that way for years?

You will have heard all the health warnings, but like many men, until you reach a certain age you may not have discovered that alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction – the inability to have a proper erection and enjoy spontaneous sex.

Alcohol can be the be precursor to sex, allowing inhibitions to disappear, providing confidence and relaxation. You, like the majority of have men, may have had much better sex as a result of alcohol. The paradox is that this is totally true…for a while!

The fact is, you can get an erection through both what you see (sensory) and what you feel (physical).

These send signals to your brain to relax your muscles, enabling a fast flow of blood into your penis, allowing it to become hard and erect. And the thing about alcohol is that once consumed it enters your blood stream diluting your blood, meaning that there is more blood in your system, and more blood to flow into your penis, creating a fuller and harder erection.

Simple really, especially when you are young. But we all age and over time, especially with excessive drinking, the reverse happens, and alcohol can have a substantial contribution to erectile dysfunction. As a variation on the old saying goes, erectile dysfunction and alcohol go together like a horse and carriage!

Erectile Dysfunction and Alcohol – It’s Not Imagined It’s Real

A number of studies have shown that alcohol abuse can decrease sexual desire, damage your nervous system, decrease the blood flow to your penis causing limp erections, even when a man is stone cold sober.

So, by all means, enjoy a social drink, but be acutely aware that drinking is like a credit card. You may get temporary pleasure spending money, but when it comes to paying it back that is when the pain sets in.

At Mansmatters, we help men who have drunk heavily in the past and suffer from erectile dysfunction with a revolutionary treatment of focused shockwave therapy.

Shockwave therapy stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in the penis, stimulates healthy blood flow and rejuvenates nerve tissue. Together, this enables many men to rediscover satisfying sex again, without the aid of alcohol.

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