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ED PD & high blood pressure.

ED, PD & High Blood Pressure

In the medical profession, we have a term called comorbidities. This refers to the simultaneous presence of two or more medical conditions or diseases in a patient. High blood pressure and diabetes are often comorbidities with both Peyronie’s Disease (PD) or Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and it is not uncommon that some patients suffer from three conditions at the same time.

High blood pressure, along with diabetes is associated with poorer cardiovascular health and can lead to heart problems. But whilst most people with high blood pressure are aware of the increased risk of a heart attack and a stroke or even increased risk to their kidneys and kidney failure, they are unaware that of just how much a contributory factor it can be in the onset of ED and PD.

Men with high blood pressure are normally prescribed Beta blockers. Beta blockers help lower the blood pressure by blocking a particular receptor in the nervous system. Receptors are affected by chemicals. One such chemical, Epinephrine, limits and restricts the blood vessels, causing your heart to pump harder. Beta blockers work by blocking these receptors.

It is thought that Beta blockers can also affect the nervous system, which is essential in enabling a man to have an erection. This can lead to inadequate erections in some men.

Beta blockers are also thought to be a contributory factor to PD. It is thought they can encourage fibrotic tissue disorders, leading to the formation of plaques and scars in the penis. 

In order for blood to circulate around the body, our bodies need blood pressure. This pressure enables the blood to circulate from our heart, through our arteries, blood vessels and veins. The higher the blood pressure, the harder the heart has to work to pump the blood around the vascular system. 

Our arteries are designed to expand and contract with blood pressure, to accommodate everyday activities like exercise, sleeping and eating. With high blood pressure the arteries start to get stiffer and lose their natural flexibility. The lining of the blood vessels gets damaged and fatty deposits start attaching to the sides, further impeding the flow of blood.

If you have high blood pressure and are suffering from ED, PD or both conditions we suggest you contact us now to discover how we help men with these problems.