We have three programmes of erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy which we will use depending on your condition. After a consultation with our lead shockwave therapy consultant he will advise you on which programme we should arrange for you.

Most patients will find that the Standard Programme is sufficient for them and will restore spontaneous and longer lasting erections and a consequential improvement in intimacy and sex life.


Our standard programme of shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction, consists of comprehensive clinical assessment with our lead shockwave therapy consultant,  a one to one session with our Hypnotherapist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dietician. As a patient you will be given a programme of sexual function exercises and book 6 weekly clinic visits where a 30-minute shockwave therapy will be administered.

As with our other treatments, there are no side effects, the therapy is non-invasive and requires no sedation.

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A bespoke programmes is designed for patients whose main clinical issues are more problematical than treatment of the vascular system through shockwave therapy and more comprehensive treatment programme is required.

We will also take into consideration the lifestyle goals of each patient who is not only looking to achieve satisfying sex again, but are also targeting wider health and physical appearance goals.

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A visit to our consultant Urologist, where a patient can discuss wider issues of sexual dysfunction, is arranged on application.

Please note that we do not offer emergency appointments and these are available on a scheduled basis only.

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